Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (11/22/13)

Van Morrison
Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium
San Francisco, USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

God Must Love me/ Shana Morrison
Heart Shaped Tattoo/ Shana Morrison
Ten Thousand Things/ Shana Morrison
Wavelength/ Shana Morrison
Celtic Swing
Rough God Goes Riding
Whenever God Shines His Light
Sometimes We Cry

Old Black Magic
Satisfied w/John Allair
Haunts of Ancient Peace/Til We Get the Healin Done w/John Allair
Baby Please Don’t Go
All in the Game/Time is Runnin Out/Waiting Game/No Plan B/Burning Ground
Celtic Excavation
Into The Mystic
Help Me

Unknown lineage, Flacs as received

5 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (11/22/13)

  1. Awesome! Mat, for what it’s worth, this is the first file I’ve been able to download from your site (via the Amazon link) in about a month – it worked like a charm! So I’ll be back to DL’ing… thanks for ALL you do and the music!

  2. Nice find Mat … my honeymoon weekend with my beautiful bride. We attended the show on the 23rd. Any chance you may possibly have a source that show you could upload?

    As always, thank you for providing this great music.

  3. OK,

    Was gonna up this again for you Ken, but instead went looking for the orig post. Trawled T.U.B.E. and g101 without luck, but checked the links on the info file I originally grabbed from the post. One link is still working (see bottom of post). Any problem and i will up it for you on Zippy, assuming i have some online capacity left.

    Hope it is worthy of your memories

    Van Morrison – 2013-11-23 – San Francisco, CA (AUD/FLAC)
    Van Morrison – 2013-11-23 – San Francisco, CA
    (Audience FLAC)

    Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium

    Unknown lineage, FLACs as received.

    01 – A Song For The Broken/ Shana Morrison
    02 – Tomorrow’s Eve/ Shana Morrison
    03 – I am A Rose/ Shana Morrison
    04 – No More Mrs Nice Girl/ Shana Morrison
    05 – Celtic Swing
    06 – Retreat And View
    07 – Only A Dream
    08 – Enlightenment
    09 – Whenever God Shines His Light
    10 – Rough God Goes Riding

    01 – Bye Bye Blackbird
    02 – Sometimes We Cry
    03 – Moondance
    04 – Who Can I Turn To
    05 – That’s Life
    06 – In the Midnight
    07 – Bulbs
    08 – Can’t Stop Lovin You
    09 – Brown Eyed Girl
    10 – In the Garden


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