Van Morrison – The Hague, The Netherlands (03/31/91)

Van Morrison
JVC Statenhal
The Hague, Netherlands

Download FLAC/MP3: Amazon Drive

I have two sources for this show, the first is listed below. The second is MP3 only and it comes with no info.

Out of Sight
Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
Baby Please Don’t Go
Who Do You Love/We’re Gonna Groove

I Love The Life I Live (GF)
Yeh Yeh (GF)
And The Healing Has Begun
See Me Through
Some Peace Of Mind
It Fills You Up
Youth of a 1000 Summers
Whenever God Shines His Light
Northern Muse (Solid Ground)/When Heart Is Open
Vanlose Stairway/Trans-Euro Train
Summertime In England
Caravan/I’m Just a Sax Machine
In The Garden/Daring Night


A little while ago I uploaded a Silver rip of Soul Labyrinth
Which led to a discussion on is it,isnt it from North Sea Jazz 1991 and which tracks are, You can read the discussion there, Well i knew I had the complete FM recording somewhere and here it is, and its fantastic and essential if you havent got it dont hesitate download it now

Trade Flacs>You

Just keeping The Van going by

4 thoughts on “Van Morrison – The Hague, The Netherlands (03/31/91)

  1. another gap filled. Not so many shows from this tour circulating digitally, and hardly any in lossless it seems. I’m still relying on my old nth gen trade tapes obtained at the time.

  2. Thank you – have some of this via the bootleg “Soul Labyrinth” (the first ten tracks of which are from this concert, apparently, despite what it says on the cover) but good to have the whole show! This is the night before the well-known (and excellent) “Pagan Streams” bootleg was recorded, which also features Howlin’ Wilf and the Vee-Jays, who play on at least the first four tracks here.

  3. Good call

    Just realised that I only have that Pagan Streams in lossy. Looked for it forever, then must have just given up at some point. Soul labyrinth is also an execellent if poorly compiled compilation. I was at the Fleadh gig in London which makes up some of the remainder of that disc. I remember the PA was weak and inadequate (long history of conflict between gig promoters and residents in that part of London) and Van was forced to appear before The Pogues. Now i’m a fan of the Pogues, but by this time Shane and the band were falling apart, and in addition to almost falling off the stage on numerous occasions I could barely make out one lyric. Felt so sorry for Kirsty Maccoll who guested and tried valiantly to keep things together during ‘Fairytale of NY’.

    Mat, any chance of hunting down a lossless copy of Pagan Streams on the trackers somewhere.

    Any lossless gigs from this period would be very welcome. The autumn UK tour was pretty decent and widely traded/circulated at the time.

    In reality my tapes are probably 4th gen or worse, I have the raw transfers sitting in the archives but they would be a difficult listen for those used to properly reworked/boosted low gen transfers.

    • Just did a quick search and no such luck on finding a lossless Pagan Streams.

      Ah man would have loved to have seen the Pogues in their day, but I’m sure seeing them at the end was full of disappointment.

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