Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Pink Floyd – Montreux, Switzerland (11/21/70)

Pink Floyd
Altes Casino
Montreux, Switzerland

Download: FLAC/MP3

Before the Fire: Montreux Casino
The Fireman’s Tapes, Volume III
FM* > Reel > DAT > cDR > EAC > 2 untracked SHN files >wav > cdwave > Flac Frontend (level 7, align sector boundaries) > flac

01 Astronomy Domine [10:33]
02 Fat Old Sun [13:56]
03 Atom Heart Mother [18:19]
04 Cymbaline [11:43]
05 Embryo [13:00]
06 Blues [9:11]

From the original uploader:
*This recording is purported to come from an FM ReelMaster. The sound quality is quite excellent, and this may very well be an appropriate lineage.The comparison to “Smoking Blues” reveals that this recording is brighter and cleaner, to my ears. You may find that its not an upgrade. caveat listener.danlynch 2004-08-17

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