Billie Holiday – Just Jazz With Ed Beach

Billie Holiday
Just Jazz w/Ed Beach
WRVR FM, NY 106.7
broadcast in the early 1960’s

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

source: fm 7″ reel masters @ 3.75 ips, no nr
taped by Mr. Driefus

lineage: r.m. playback on Sony TC-850>sbm1>cdr>soundforge 4.5>cdr>eac>flac
transfer by Rob Berger, tracking by PeterG, text by John Tallmadge

Disc One 79:08

01. The Mood That I’m In (02/18/37)
02. They Way You Look Tonight (10/36)
03. That’s All That I Ask Of You (01/20/39)
04. Dream Of Life (01/20/39)
05. Body And Soul (1949 Live)
06. Strange Fruit (1949 Live)
07. Travelin’ Light (1949 Live)
08. Long Gone Blues (03/21/39)
09. How Am I To Know (1944)
10. I’m Yours (1944)
11. My Old Flame (1944)
12. Some Other Spring (07/05/39)
13. If You Were Mine (10/25/35)
14. The Man I Love (12/15/39)
15. Summertime (07/10/36)
16. Billie’s Blues (07/10/36)
17. Ghost Of Yesterday (02/29/40)
18. Body And Soul (02/29/40)
19. Announcement of upcoming songs on disc two

Disc Two 79:45

01. I Hear Music (09/12/40)
02. Practice Makes Perfect (09/12/40)
03. I’m Pulling Through
04. Tell Me More
05. Laughing At Life
06. Keeps On Raining
07. Gimme A Pigfoot (And A Bottle Of Beer)
08. Baby, I Don’t Cry Over You
09. Love Me Or Leave Me
10. Too Marvelous For Words
11. Willow Weep For Me
12. I Thought About You
13. Somebody’s On My Mind
14. Guilty
15. My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash
16. He’s Funny That Way (Live)
17. The Man I Love (Live)
18. Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You (Live)
19. All Of Me (Live)
20. Them There Eyes
21. Without Your Love
22. Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
23. Travelin’ All Alone
24. These Foolish Things
25. When Your Smiling
26. If Dreams Come True
27. Did I Remember
28. No Regrets

Disc Three 79:53

01. I Can’t Get Started (11/37)
02. Your Mother’s Son-In-Law (12/18/33)
03. Riffin’ The Scotch (12/18/33)
04. They Can’t Take That Away From Me (06/30/37)
05. Swing Brother Swing (06/30/37)
06. A Fine Romance (10/28/36)
07. Easy To Love (10/28/36)
08. Time On My Hands (06/07/40?)
09. Travelin’ Light (1943 or 1944)
10. God Bless The Child (05/09/41)
11. Am I Blue (05/09/41)
12. I’ll Get By (1944)
13. I’ll Be Seeing You (1944)
14. Embraceable You (1944)
15. I Cover The Waterfront (08/07/41)
16. Love Me Or Leave Me (08/07/41)
17. Gloomy Sunday (08/07/41)
18. I’m Gonna Lock My Heart (1936 or 1937)
19. Strange Fruit (1939)
20. Georgia On My Mind (03/21/41)

notes: considering the source is a 40 year old reel, this sounds nice,
many of jazz mavin Ed Beach’s broadcasts are in the Library of Congress,
this one, however, is not.

9 thoughts on “Billie Holiday – Just Jazz With Ed Beach

  1. I picked this up a while back but didn’t comment as i haven’t gotten around to checking it out properly yet. Good post anyway.

    The world needs more stuff like this!

    • Indeed. Love this stuff. This one is interesting as it contains all the DJ radio chatter, some of which is interesting, some of which is now (but at least it gives us info on each performance). But once you listen to that once I just want the music. I may have to make a version with just the songs.

  2. That may well be worthwhile, but I definitely wouldn’t repost it in that format. In a sense the real event here is the broadcast(er). I doubt whether much (if any) of this stuff has evaded some kind of release (authorised or otherwise) on some kind of label (grey or otherwise) by someone, somewhere, sometime.
    Of course it’s all a very long time ago, poss outside copyright controls in many cases. The real value here is the date of broadcast which means you are listening to the orig 78s or LPs, albeit via FM.
    Anyway, I grabbed this from somewhere else a while back. Can’t recall anyone making a fuss about it or requesting a take down etc. In any case, should anyone want a decent, non-label specific, cross decade comp of Billie, then they can probably find one in their local Walmart or petrol station for $5 anyway.

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