Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Dinosaur Jr – Las Vegas, NV (08/13/05)

Dinosaur Jr.
House Of Blues
Las Vegas, NV

Download: FLAC/MP3

The Post
In A Jar
Bulbs of Passion
Does it Float
Furry Little Things
Mountain Man
Just Like Heaven
Forget The Swan
Freak Scene

The Lung

9 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Dinosaur Jr – Las Vegas, NV (08/13/05)

  1. Actually caught these guys at a club gig in London in the early 90s. Can’t remember too much about it to be totally honest.

  2. It was definitely loud, and I was definiyely wrecked by the end of the night – that’s about all I have to tell…

  3. for me it was the cover of “where you been?”

    it just struck a chord, the vibes was right
    and I knew this was the album for me!!

    shortly afterwards MTV seemed to keep rotating the video
    for Start Choppin’ – it seemed always to be on in college bars
    Still my fav DJ album…

    the recent-ish “re-union” album Beyond (?) I thought was
    fantastic, well worth a listen

    1. I found them around the same time. I think Spin magazine put J on the cover saying something like “J Mascis is God” and so I checked them out. Got Where You Been and loved it and then Green Mind (still my favorite album by them even though its a bit of an oddity in their discography.)

      I think I have Beyond, and liked it. Need to check it out again.

      There used to be a cool site that had tons of Dino Jr bootlegs but sadly it bit the dust ages ago.

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