The Cure – Deinze, Belgium (05/14/82)

The Cure
14 May 1982
Deinze, Belgium

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Line up: Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst
Recording info: Unknown cassette recorder w/ unknown mics (if any)
Lineage: Unknown

The Figurehead
The Drowning Man
Charlotte Sometimes
At Night
Three Imaginary Boys (fades out at 01:27)
Siamese Twins (fades in)
Splintered In Her Head (MISSING)

Encore 1:
The Hanging Garden
10.15 Saturday Night
Killing An Arab
All Mine

From the original uploader:

Note that in this fileset Three Imaginary Boys fades out (from a tape flip?), Siamiese Twins fades in (from the same tape flip?) and Splintered In Her Head is missing.
All Mine is complete.
The “Siamese Twins demo” listed on one of the covers has been removed from this fileset.
The audio quality on this one is probably at about 6.5-7/10 and just needs to be turned up a bit..
All big thanks to the original taper (whoever you are, all those years ago – we thank you!!), the uploader and cover creators.
For more infos visit

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