The Decemberists – Upper Darby, PA (03/27/07)

The Decemberists
Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA
March 27, 2007

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01 introduction
02 The Crane Wife 3
03 July, July!
04 The Soldiering Life
05 The Infanta
06 The Bachelor and the Bride
07 Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) (with Shara Worden)
08 Culling of the Fold
09 The Legionnaire’s Lament
10 O Valencia!
11 16 Military Wives
12 The Island, Come And See, The Landlord’s Daughter, You’ll Not Feel The Drowning
13 When the War Came
— encore
14 Mariner’s Revenge Song
15 Southern Girls

Recorded from the FM radio broadcast
Source: 88.5 WXPN FM > Kenwood 104AR Receiver > iHP-120
Transfer: iHP-120 > USB > PC

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