Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (03/25/72)

Grateful Dead
3/25/72 set II
Hell’s Angels Benefit
Academy of Music
New York NY

Download: FLAC/MP3


source: aud reel
Jerry Moore’s copy

This is a tagged version of shnid: 100352
lineage: aud>?>7″ reel @ 7.5 ips, dolby b
technics rs-1506>teac an-180>hd-p2 24/96>
hd>cd wave>adobe 2.0 16/44>flac
transferred & seeded by Rob Berger 7/29/09

–Set 2–
201-d1t01 – How Sweet It Is – Officially Released
202-d1t02 – Are You Lonely for Me – Officially Released
203-d1t03 – Next Time You See Me
204-d1t04 – Brown-Eyed Women
205-d1t05 – Smokestack Lightnin’ – Officially Released
206-d1t06 – Sittin’ on Top of the World
207-d1t07 – Sugaree
208-d1t08 – Looks Like Rain
209-d1t09 – Bertha
210-d1t10 – Mr. Charlie
211-d1t11 – //Playing in the Band
212-d1t12 – //Turn On Your Lovelight

–total time–79:53–

4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – New York, NY (03/25/72)

  1. Thanks Mat. I was at this show. This run was the last time many of us got to see Pigpen. So it’s nice to hear this fragment of the show again. Happily parts of it were also released on Dick’s Picks and then Dave released 3/26 which I also attended.

  2. Hope I’m not stepping on any toes, but there’s a new Betty Board of the whole show (and others) over at Grateful Seconds.

    1. No toe stepping at all. I always appreciate being alerted to cool music wherever its found. This site is all about sharing good tunes, not about hit counts or anything.

      Speaking of cool Dead related stuff. I’ve grabbed a bunch of cool Jerry stuff from the recent torrents which I’ll be posting soon. There was a nice treasure trove released during Jerry week.

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