Neil Young – San Francisco, CA (02/19/70)

Neil Young
KQED TV Taping
San Francisco CA United States
February 19, 1970

Download FLAC: Google Drive

source: unknown

Lossless origin checked with Trader’s Little Helper and EAC.

1. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
2. Everybody’s Alone
3. Dance Dance Dance
4. On The Way Home
5. Wonderin #1
6. Wonderin #2 > Instrumental Noodling including
Out On The Weekend
I Don’t Want To Talk About It
Country Girl
Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It
7. Sugar Mountain

Date and venue still unconfirmed.
Also known as “La Honda”.

This show has been shared widely, but is not on the tracker at the moment.
Since the sound is really excellent, don’t hesistate, grab it if you don’t have it !

Enjoy !

8 thoughts on “Neil Young – San Francisco, CA (02/19/70)

  1. The Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – San Francisco, Ca
    Must be 1970-02-19, KQED Studios, San Francisco, California, USA
    Sea Sugar Mountain.

      • That’s a good question. I haven’t listened to either yet, just saw the same track listing and said hold on something’s wrong here lol. I only listened to 15 seconds of each. If you can hear the dog and plane as described on the porch tape then I guess that would have to be where it’s from. I am leaning that way at least initially because the sound on both are pretty rough for a tv recording unless someone held a tape recorder to a tv set which is definitely a possibility. Have you seen the porch tape listed on Sugar Mtn? I didn’t but that’s only for shows, I don’t think there’s a separate section for rehearsals, studio sessions and odds and ends which is where the porch tape would be I guess. I’m gonna try to contact them and see if they know anything about it.

        • I talked to some friends about it and we all seem to agree that it probably is back porch recording. The dog and the plane do seem to indicate it isn’t a studio recording and one would think that after all these years some video would have surfaced by now. If I remember I’m gonna combine the two shows into one post tomorrow. I’ll leave the notes about the TV taping because I can’t 100% say it isn’t that, but I agree with you . This seems most likely to be a porch recording. Although your idea that someone held a microphone up to the TV is an interesting possibility.

          Let me know if anyone from Sugar MTN has any thoughts.

          • I’ll definitely let you know if I hear back from them. I am surprised as well that no video has ever surfaced of the tv taping. I have been looking for it for decades, the audio even more so but have never seen it until i saw your post which made me break out into my happy dance lol. Have you ever found the complete BBC show from 2-23-71? That’s another one I can’t believe has never surfaced or at least that I have never seen. You’d figure if it was recorded why do only the same 7 or so songs circulate. If by miracles of miracles you have that or know anyone who does I would greatly appreciate you posting it.

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