The Cure – Dax, France (08/04/86)

The Cure
Les Arènes
Dax, France

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Downloaded from TPB as 4 FLAC files representing sides of analog cassette tapes. Separated tracks in Audacity. No other adjustments have been made.

Great proto-version of WCIBY? as well as the entire soundcheck is included.

Taper: Unknown
Generation: Unknown
Quality: 7/10

Track list:


(Intro: Relax)
Shake Dog Shake
Piggy in The Mirror
Play for Today
A Strange Day
The Kyoto Song
Charlotte Sometimes
The Blood
In Between Days
The Walk
A Night Like This


One Hundred Years
A Forest
The Sinking

Encore 1:
Close to Me
Let’s Go to Bed

Encore 2:
Six Different Ways
Three Imaginary Boys
Boys Don’t Cry

Why Can’t I Be You?
10:15 Saturday Night
Killing an Arab


(In Between Days)
Why Can’t I Be You?
The Figurehead
Six Different Ways
(Give Me It)
(Piggy in The Mirror)
Shake Dog Shake

Here are the original notes:
Want to listen to your gods at work? Well, here you can, as the fourth part of this recording is from the soundcheck, blessed be me! (No, not me actually, because I wasn’t the one standing about with the Walkman unconspicuously hidden somewhere under
his T-shirt. But I might have been, so I graciously receive your

Technically, what you get here is ripped as-is from two cassettes, one of them a CrO2, the other a somewhat. Somewhere on its way to my tapes the recording got clipped, and sometimes you can clearly hear what a worn-out tape sounds like. But that’s live, isn’t it? No noise reduction or any other post processing have been applied on my side, and you may want to adjust the balance a little, though the difference between the two channels is hardly recognizable.

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