Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (XX/XX/70) “Pigpen Studio Takes”

Studio Takes

Download: FLAC/MP3

source: cassette
Jerry Moore’s copy
maxell mx90, dolby b
This is a tagged version of shnid: 125545
lineage: unknown, please read notes

nak dragon/b > tascam hd-p2 24/96 > pc >
cd wave > adobe audition 2.0 > flac
transferred & seeded by Rob Berger Nov. 2012

one disc: 65:12

01 – CC Rider***
02 – Guitar Instrumental I
03 – Guitar Instrumental II
04 – Guitar Instrumental III
05 – Guitar Instrumental IV
06 – Bring Me My Shotgun (w/harp)
07 – Katie Mae
08 – Bring Me My Shotgun (w/o harp)
09 – Hitchhiking Woman
10 – Piano Instrumental
11 – Two Women
12 – When I Was A Boy
13 – Michael
14 – Hobo Jungle

15 – Just Passin’ Through
16 – Easy Rider
17 – Black Powder Rag,
18 – In The Still Of The Night
19 – Big Boy Pete

20 – I’m A Loving Man

notes: tracks 1-14: “studio 1970” (aka apartment demos 1966)

***while this version of the “apartment demos” may be
of inferior sound quality (you can decide for yourself),
the CC Rider on the circulating copy is messed up with
tracks bleeding into each other. The CC Rider is ok on
this source so you ocd’ers might want to update that one
track as an “upgrade”.

The rest of the material, tracks 15-20, were all new to me
and hopefully new to the taping community as well. Track 20
is especially interesting and good sound quality.
Rob Berger Nov. 2012

tracks 15-19: unknown session
Pigpen – guitar, piano
Michael – vocals

track 20 – Pigpen w/NRPS(!!) “early ’73 – studio”
stereo sbd

One thought on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (XX/XX/70) “Pigpen Studio Takes”

  1. For those who already have the “Pigpen Apartment Demos” this is worth checking out if only for track 20. I still can’t wrap my ahead ahead Pigpen fronting NRPS but they sound great together. The date on that track (early 1973) seems suspect since Pigpen passed away in March of 1973 and the home demos that have surfaced from that time have his vocals being very thin. This vocal w/NRPS is quite robust making me wonder if it could be from an earlier time. In any case, thanks for this cool post.

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