Bob Dylan – Sydney, Australia (02/17/03)

Bob Dylan
Entertainment Centre
Sydney, Australia

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00 Announcement
01 Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum
02 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
03 Highway 61 Revisted
04 Just Like A Woman
05 Things Have Changed
06 Cold Iron Bound
07 Don’t Think Twice, It’s Allright
08 Masters Of War
09 One Too Many Mornings
10 Lonesome Day Blues
11 Make You Feel My Love
12 Honest Man
13 Bye ANd Bye
14 Summer Days
15 Blowing In The Wind
16 All Along The Watchtower – Can’t get it to convert to MP313

Total running time: 1hour47min.24sec.


From the original uploader
I recorded this show from the 5th row which was totally empty.
During I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight a security guy asked me for my tickets.
To avoid more disturption in the tape I didn’t start to argue with him
and I decided to go backback to row 12, my original seat.
The Rolling Stones were in town to play the Enmore Theatre the next day.
They suppose to attend the Dylan show, however rehearsels took longer for them than expected and they didn’t made it to Bob’s show.
Row 5 and 6 remain empty for the rest of the night…..

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Sydney, Australia (02/17/03)

    • Are you talking about the md5 failing? Unfortunately it is failing on my originals as well. To be honest I’ve never really understood those things and rarely check them. Not entirely sure where I received my original files though a good bet would be Expecting Rain.

      Sorry about that but a spot check (haven’t listened to the whole show yet) shows the music does play.

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