Natalie Merchant – Live at the BBC

Natalie Merchant – Live at the BBC
A collection of BBC Radio promo sessions Natalie Merchant did for “Leave Your Sleep”, “Natalie Merchant s/t” and including a special BBC master tapes episode for “Tigerlily” captured from the web.

I no longer have this show, sorry.

1. The Man in the Wilderness
2. The Sleepy Giant
3. Maggie and Milly and Molly and Mae
4. Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience
5. Motherland
6. Texas
7. Fever
8. It’s A-Coming
9. Texas
10. Kind & Generous
11. Cowboy Romance
12. I May Know the World
13. River
14. Wonder
15. Lulu
16. Ladybird
17. Giving Up Everything

1-5: BBC Celtic Connections Glasgow Concert Hall, (01/28/10)
6-7: BBC Radio 2 Live in Session with Terry Wogan (05/11/14)
8-10: BBC Radio 2 Bob Harris Sunday (05/25/14)
11-14: BBC 4 Mastertapes with John Wilson (11/25/13)
15-17: NPR World Cafe Session (05/23/14)

Webstreams -> Audacity -> mp3/320

From the original uploader:
Track #13 and #14 are very intense – gives me goosebumps all the way through 🙂
Especially “River”, what a haunting song !

And yes, of course tracks #15-#17 have nothing to do with the BBc.
These are from the NPR World CafÈ Radio Sessions – just see them as bonus tracks…

2 thoughts on “Natalie Merchant – Live at the BBC

  1. Hey Mat, I see that Speedy over at So Many Roads posted a 10,000 Maniacs show yesterday. I tried to download it but I’m unable to do so because of pop-ups that keep me from getting to the link. Since you’ve just done this Natalie Merchant post I wonder if there any chance you could get that 10,000 Maniacs show and re-post it here? I find your posting system with Amazon to be super clean and easy to use but I have trouble with some other site’s links from time to time. Thanks so much for all your great music shares!

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