Van Morrison – London, England (03/10/08)

Van Morrison
BBC Maida Vale Studios 08
Paul Jones Programme
Broadcast Date 10th March 2008

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Van Morrison promoting the new album ‘Keep It Simple’

File Size – 349mb
Recorded Time – 54min 33sec’s
Lineage – Analogue FM – R1 – Wav – Cooledit – Flac TLH (compression 6) aligned

01.Poor Boy
02.Interview Pt1
03.That’s Entrainment
04.Interview Pt2
05.Don’t Go To Nightclubs Anymore
06.Interview Pt3
08.Interview Pt4
09.Behind The Ritual
10.Interview Pt5


Van Morrison – London, England, BBC Session 2012

Van Morrison
LSO St. Luke’s
London, England
BBC Session, 2012

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Series of unique and intimate concerts at St Luke’s in London, featuring musicians from around the world. Van Morrison showcases tracks from albums including Keep It Simple, Magic Time and Vanlose Stairway, backed by a full band and joined by guests including guitarist Mick Green and organ maestro
Georgie Fame. which was recorded at LSO St Luke’s in London..


Precious Time
Magic Time
I’m Not Feeling it Any More
Song of Home
End of the Land
Vanlose Stairway
Help Me
One Irish Rover
Keep it Simple
Behind the Ritual

Van Morrison – At the BBC

Compilation of Performances
Broadcast: BBC FOUR April 27th 2008

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Digital TV Broadcast > Soundforge > FLAC Level 6

Capture, Authoring & Artwork (Jewel Case) by JTT, April 2008

The notes for this say it contains the video as well. But I don’t have the video. – Mat


  • Not on Audio Version
  1. Titles *
    Mercury Music Prize, Sep. 1995
    Whistle Test, Nov. 1984
    Saturday Review, Nov. 1986
    Late Show, Nov. 1980
    Late Show, Nov. 1980
    Later with … Jools Holland, Apr. 1999
    Later with … Jools Holland, Apr. 1999
    Jools’ Millenium Hootenanny, Dec. 1999
    Jools’ Millenium Hootenanny, Dec. 1999
    Jools’ Millenium Hootenanny, Dec. 1999
    Later with … Jools Holland, May 2005
    Later with … Jools Holland, May 2005
    Mercury Music Prize, Sep. 1995

Pink Floyd – BBC Archives (1967-1969)

BBC Archives 1967-1969
(Last Scream PFBBC-67-6869)

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Disc 1 (36:15):
Pow R Toc H (14th May 1967 ìLook Of The Weekî)
Astronomy Domine (14th May 1967 ìLook Of The Weekî)
The Gnome (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Scarecrow (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Matilda Mother (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Reaction in G (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Flaming (25th September 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Green Onions (12th December 1967 ìTomorrowís Worldî)
Instrumental (12th December 1967 ìTomorrowís Worldî)
Vegetable Man (20th December 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Scream Thy Last Scream (20th December 67 ìTop Gearî)
Pow R Toc H (20th December 1967 ìTop Gearî)
Jugband Blues (20th December 1967 ìTop Gearî)

Disc 2 (67:15):
Instrumental (26th March 1968 ìThe Sound Of Changeî)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (28th March 1968 ìOmnibusí All My Lovingî)
The Murderotic Woman (25th June 1968 ìTop Gearî)
The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (25th June 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Let There Be More Light (25th June 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Julia Dream (25th June 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Point Me At The Sky (2nd December 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (2nd December 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Embryo (2nd December 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Interstellar Overdrive (2nd December 1968 ìTop Gearî)
Daybreak (12th May 1969 ìTop Gearî)
Nightmare (12th May 1969 ìTop Gearî)
The Beginning (12th May 1969 ìTop Gearî)
Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (12th May 1969 ìTop Gearî)
The Narrow Way (12th May 1969 ìTop Gearî)
Moonhead (20th July 1969 ìOmnibusí What If Itís Just Green Cheese?î)

Pink Floyd – At the Beeb, Vol. 1 (1967-1969)

Pink Floyd
‘At The Beeb Vol. I’
Various Radio Appearances
19th December 1967
25th June 1968
2nd December 1968
12th May 1969

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IME / Culmobia Label (PFATB6769)

Soundboard Recording > Silver CD > FLAC (Lvl. 5)
Except 19th December 1967, which is;
“Excellent Broadcast Recordings” Low Gen Tapes > Silver CD > FLAC (Lvl. 5)

Notes from Collectors Music Reviews

The new release At The Beeb Volume I by the label Culombia (sic) is a compilation of 4 different BBC radio broadcasts of Pink Floyd performances from December 1967 to May 1969. The first, second, & fourth are ìTop Gearî shows, while the third one is a ìNite Rideî show. They comprise the 1st disc of a double-disc factory-pressed silver original real 2-CD set ñ Volume II, the 2nd disc of the set, is of the legendary BBC session of September 30th, 1971, which I decided not to buy since I already have 5 different versions of it and canít imagine the best ones possibly getting any noticeably superior. Anyway, Volume I was selected because, although the outstanding Celestial Voices that was released by Rover Records several months ago included a major upgrade in sound quality for the first & third BBC shows, a big upgrade in sound quality for the second & fourth BBC shows can now be found on Volume I ñ in addition to such an upgrade for the first & third BBC shows that were included on Celestial Voices.

Unfortunately my ears arenít good enough to be able to discern any noticeable difference(s) in quality between the same shows found on both Celestial Voices & Volume I, but all 4 shows on Volume I are a certain, long-awaited major upgrade in quality for the same 4 shows that can be found on the old Great Dane Recordsí release The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969 (GDR CD 9206). Sadly, however, the old GDR title includes a 5th BBC show, from the autumn of 1967, for which a significant quality upgrade is apparently not available ñ at least not yet.

The following is printed in exact word-for-word verbatim near the top of the rear cover of Volume I – ìThese soundboard recordings are taken from the original masters, except for tracks 13 to 16 which were copied from an excellent broadcast recordings.î

Introductory &/or concluding comments, mostly by John Peel, can be heard at the ends of each track. Packaged in a regular 1-CD jewel case, but with the rear insert being single-sided only in terms of artwork, with still very nice artwork overall thatís done similarly to that of Floydís 2nd officially released album, A Saucerful of Secrets, At The Beeb Volume I is a terrific find that is very highly recommended.

Reveiw here;

A brilliant little compilation, encompassing some of the overlooked radio work the Floyd did early in their careers,
in brilliant quality. Nice and laid back, almost to the point of what is regarded ‘Stereotypical Floyd’, in astounding
quality. As stated, the announcements are by the LEGENADRY John Peel, with some interesting little anecdotes from him included; it’s almost like you’ve tuned into the shows the day they were broadcast – possibly the greatest nostalgia trip.
I would rate this as ‘ESSENTIAL’.


  1. The Murderotic Woman or Careful With That Axe, Eugene
  2. The Massed Gadgets of Hercules (A Saucerful of Secrets)
  3. Let There Be More Light
  4. Julia Dream “TOP GEAR” SESSION, RECORDED 25TH JUNE 1968
  5. Point Me At The Sky
  6. Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major (The Narrow Way Part One)
  7. Embryo
  8. Interstellar Overdrive “TOP GEAR” SESSION, RECORDED 2ND DECEMBER 1968
  9. Grantchester Meadows
  10. Cymbaline
  11. Green is the Colour
  12. The Narrow Way Part Three “NITE RIDE” SESSION, RECORDED 12TH MAY 1969
  13. Vegetable Man
  14. Scream Thy Last Scream
  15. Jugband Blues

Bob Dylan – London, England – Madhouse on Castle Street (1962-1963)

Bob Dylan
30 December 1962 to 4 January 1963
“Madhouse on Castle St.” shooting,
BBC Studios
London, England, UK

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SOURCE of this Torrent: Download February 2006 (all notes and content are as downloaded apart from new md5 & ffp)

This Torrent: JTT 2008

5 source compilation

Collected, transfered, compiled & poorly annotated by Arturo El Duderino
21 Jan 2006

CD 15:13.68

SOURCE ONE – “recording a” – the oldest circulating version

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind [1:45.21]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:47.07]

SOURCE TWO – “recording a” – a new transfer from the oldest circulating version source tape – more natural than the previous one, but also showing some bad ageing of the master tape. Received Aug 2005, done possibly with relation to the ongoing BBC research.

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind [1:46.15]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:42.69]

SOURCE THREE – “recording a” (well remastered, or “recording b”) – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:13.43]
  2. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:19.33]
  3. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:14.00]
  4. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (echoed) [0:12.57]

SOURCE FOUR – “recording b” – a 4-song tape – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:51.06]
  2. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:12.44]
  3. The Coo Coo Song [0:30.07]
  4. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (w/voiceover + lyrics read out) [2:35.73]
  5. I Been All Around the World (Hang Me Oh Hang Me) [0:28.15]
  6. Blowin’ in the Wind [0:50.47]
  7. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan (complete w/voiceover) [2:16.30]
  8. Blowin’ in the Wind (harp) [0:14.40]

SOURCE FIVE – “recording c” – this (reportedly 4-song tape) was admitted too late to be included within the BBC4 main program, but the following fragments are used while credits roll. Best available quality so far – BBC4 “Dylan in the Madhouse” 2005

  1. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan [0:58.73]
  2. Blowin’ in the Wind [0:14.13]

Recordings as complete as known to circulate.
(if you know otherwise, don’t hesitate to prove it. Thank you)

The Who – New Years Eve Bootleg

The Who
New Years Eve
Label – Fire Power

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Soundboard FLAC

Tommy rehearsals! I was drooling all the way home when I bought this in Houstin in 1998. The artwork is digipack style – so feel free to edit them as you wish.

Tracks 1-2: BBC Television Centre, London “Lulu” TV Show, Wednesday,
December 30, 1970
Tracks 3-13: BBC 1 Top Of The Pops Into 71, broadcast on December 31, 1970.
Recording: BBC Television & Sound board
Comments: The Lulu Show songs are a bit weak in performance and the rest of the
CD is comprised of Tommy demos and rehearsals. Apart from the Lulu tracks, this
is an interesting CD. Tracks 3-6 appear to be identical to other Tommy Demos
tracks. However, Tracks 7-13 appear to be WHO rehearsals featuring Roger Daltrey
on vocals. Track 7 cuts in immediately before the verse. The track venues listed
above were referenced from The Who Concert File book, (p.71).

  1. I Don’t Even Know Myself
  2. Naked Eye
  3. I’m Free
  4. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
  5. Welcome
  6. We’re Not Gonna Take It
  7. Go To The Mirror
  8. Smash The Mirror
  9. Miracle Cure
  10. Sally Simpthon (sic Sally Simpson)
  11. I’m Free
  12. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
  13. We’re Not Gonna Take It

Neil Young – London, England (02/23/71)

BBC broadcast
London, England
February 23, 1971

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Track 1 omitted commercials)
02. Out On The Weekend
03. Old Man
04. Journey Through The Past
05. Heart Of Gold
06. Dont Let It Bring You Down
07. A Man Needs A Maid
08. See The Sky About To Rain
09. Dance, Dance, Dance

Neil talking alot to audience between songs very funny.

Source 1:

Lineage: cassette tape > (transferred to cdr) harman kardon burner tracks > flac level 8 tlh > checksum tlh > torrent tlh > you
thanks lamplight :>) HAPPY 4TH OF JULY

Source 2:

Broken Arrow: BBC Sessions

Also includes the following tracks from Tonight’s the Night Acetate

9. Tonight’s The Night
10. Mellow My Mind
11. Roll Another Number
12. Tired Eyes
13. Speakin’ Out
14. Walk On
15. For The Turnstiles
16. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
17. New Mama
18. Winterlong
19. Borrowed Time
20. Believe Me

Pink Floyd – Auntie’s Psychedelic Soirees

PInk Floyd - Aunties Psychedelic Soirees

BBC Archive & More, Auntie’s Psychedelic Soirees
WLR-2122 – A Wonderland Records Group Ltd.
Barcode: 751887318734 – Number is 345/500

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Disc1: Time:

BBC TV “Look At The Week” May 17th 1967
1. Pow R. Toc H. – Intro 0:49
2. Introduction 1:02
3. Astronomy Domine 4:07
4. Interstellar Overdrive 4:22
5. End Piece Interview 0:43

BBC Radio October 1967 (John Peel¥s Night Ride)
6. Flaming 2:48
7. Scarecrow 2:07
8. The Gnome 2:15
9. Mathilda Mother 3:28

BBC Radio Febuary 1968 (John Peel¥s Night Ride)
10. Vegetable Man 3:25
11. Pow R. Toc H. 3:04
12. Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With A Basket 3:52
13. Jugband Blues 4:02

BBC Radio “Top Gear” 25 June 1968
14. Top Gear Opening Credits – John Peel 0:19
15. The Murderotic Woman
(or Careful With That Ace, Eugene) 3:37
16. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules
(aka A Saucerful Of Secrets) 7:18
17. Let There Be More Light 4:33
18. Julia Dream 3:35
19. Top Gear End Credits 1:10

BBC Radio “Top Gear” 12 May 1969
20. Daybreak
(aka Grantchester Meadows) 3:47
21. Nightmare
(aka Cymbalyne) 3:37
22. The Beginning – Beset By Creatures Of The Deep
(aka Green Is The Colour & Careful With That Axe, Eugene) 6:58
23. The Narrow Way (Part 3) 4:48
24. Vegetable Man
(studio version – unreleased single) 2:38

Total Time: 79:04

Disc2: Time:

BBC Radio “In Concert” 16 July 1970

1. John Peel Introduction 0:28
2. Embryo 10:01
3. Applause – John Peel 0:40
4. Fat Old Sun 5:10
5. Applause – John Peel 0:41
6. Green Is The Colour 3:26
7. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 7:19
8. Applause – John Peel 1:05
9. If 4:25
10. Applause – John Peel 1:21
11. The Atom Heart Mother 25:07

Syd Barrett “Madcap Laughs” Session
12. Octopus – Take One 1:27
13. Octopus – Alternate Take 2:21

Syd Barrett¥s Only Solo Concert Royal Festival Hall 1st June 1970
14. Terrapin 4:04
15. Gigilo Aunt 4:56
16. Effervescent Elephant 1:48
17. Octopus 5:02

Total Time: 79:21

Disc 3: Time:

BBC Radio “In Concert” 30 October 1971
1. John Peel Introduction 0:20
2. Fat Old Sun 14:02
3. John Peel 1:12
4. One Of These Days 6:49
5. John Peel 0:31
6. Echoes 26:19
7. Applause 0:13
8. Embryo 10:05
9. Blues 4:57

Syd Barrett Solo From “Sound Of The Seventies” Febuary 1970
10. Baby Lemonade 2:24
11. DJ Link 0:04
12. Gigilo Aunt 3:39
13. Effervescent Elephant 0:58
14. Dominoes 3:08
15. Love Song 1:31

Total Time: 76:12

Disc 4: Time:

“The Rainbow Theatre”
Finsbury Park, London UK Febuary 18th 1972

The First Complete Public Performance Of What Because
“The Dark Side Of The Moon”

1. Breathe 2:56
2. The Travel Section (aka On The Run) 6:10
3. Time 7:41
4. The Mortality Suite, or Religion
(aka The Great Gig In The Sky 4:22
5. Money 7:39
6. Us And Them 2:35
7. Any Colour You Like 4:38
8. Brain Damage 3:09
9. Eclipse 2:00
Early Demos (Recorded October 1966)
10. Lucy Leave 3:11
11. I’m A King Bee 3:50
“Games For May” Queen Elizabeth Hall 14 May 1967
12. Astronomy Domini 3:58
Sound Techniques Studio
13. Interstellar Overdrive – Full Version 16:49
14. Scream Thy Last Scream Old Woman With A Basket (Studio version – Syd’s last recording with Pink Floyd) 4:50
Radio Carlisle Broadcast
15. Reaction In G 0:33
Danish TV 13th September 1967
16. Stoned Alone 5:27

Total Time: 79:29

Remastered Tapes – De-Hummed
(Low-End 50 HZ Hum Removed)
(i.e. Tape Hiss, Clicks & Pops Removed)
EQ¥D For Best Possible Sound Quality

MD5 & Artwork incl.




Woody Guthrie – London, England (07/07/44)

Woody Guthrie
BBC “Children’s Hour”
London, England
July 7, 1944


Lost Radio Shows

Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Exact date unknown

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Children’s Hours Setlist
1. Talking
2. Wabash Cannonball
3. 900 Miles

From Guy Logsdon’s Discography, reprinted in Santelli, Robert & Davidson, Emily (eds.),
Hard Travelin’ — The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie, Hanover and London, 1999, p. 196:

“7 JULY 1944. Woody was a Merchant Marine, “washing dishes on a Liberty Ship,” the troop ship
Sea Porpoise which carried troops to the Normandy beach in early July 1944. After the troops were
sent ashore, the ship hit a mine but made its way back to England; Woody was routed through London
toward Glasgow, Scotland, toward the United States. On a song manuscript dated “July 13th, 1944”,
Woody wrote, “this train is carrying me outside from London now; on up towards Belfast, and Glasgow.”
While in London, he went to the offices of the BBC where he introduced himself as a member of
The Martins and the Coys [produced by Alan Lomax for the BBC in late March 1944, broadcast by the BBC
on 26 June 1944] and was given the opportunity to sing on the Children’s Hour. After an autobiographical
statement, he was recorded singing with his guitar accompaniment two railroad songs:
“Wabash Cannonball”
“900 Miles” (this is the minor-key melody that Cisco made popular)”

Lineage: BBC radio documentary, 1987 (provided by wonderboy)->Audacity->flac frontend (level 8, verify,
align on sector boundaries)

Although little over 5 minutes long, with Woody’s VD songs (probably from 1945).

Lost Radio Shows

Woody Guthrie
Pete Seeger

1. Us Department Of Health
Exact date unknown