Bob Dylan – New Orleans, LA (05/03/76)

Bob Dylan
May 3, 1976 – Evening Show
New Orleans
The Warehouse

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Sleazy – Bob Neuwirth
Flint Hill Special – David Mansfield
Werewolves Of London – T-Bone Burnett
Too Good To Be Wasted – Rob Stoner
Mad Man – Steven Soles
Tears On My Pillow – Donna Weiss
A Lady Is Still A Lady – Bob Neuwirth
They Had To Move Away – Bob Neuwirth
Alabama Dark [fragment] – Bob Neuwirth
Is There Life On Mars ? – Mick Ronson
If (poem by Rudyard Kipling) – Dennis Hopper
The Battle Of New Orleans – Bob Neuwirth
Rollin’ Across The U.S.A. – Kinky Friedman
Dear Abbie – Kinky Friedman
Asshole From El Paso – Kinky Friedman
Mr.Tambourine Man
Love Minus Zero / No Limit
Vincent Van Gogh
Maggie’s Farm
Isis [incomplete]
Eight Miles High – Roger McGuinn
Jolly Roger – Roger McGuinn
Lover Of The Bayou – Roger McGuinn
Chestnut Mare – Roger McGuinn
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man – Joan Baez
(Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody) Turn Me Around – Joan Baez
Love Song To A Stranger, Part II – Joan Baez
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down – Joan Baez
Sweeter For Me (aka Red Telephone) – Joan Baez
Dancin’ In The Streets – Joan Baez
Diamonds And Rust – Joan Baez
Railroad Boy
I Pity The Poor Immigrant
Shelter From The Storm
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
You’re A Big Girl Now
Rita May
Lay Lady Lay
Silver Mantis – T-Bone Burnett
Idiot Wind
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Gotta Travel On

Source 1:


SBD > ? > DAT > Soundforge 6.0 > CD Wave > CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC

This is a full recording of the entire show and not the Dylan only edited set already on DIME as

Torrent #374702 Bob Dylan – 1976-05-03, New Orleans, LA (soundboard)[LB-6725]

There is some speculation about this being the evening show, please see Les Kokay’s “Songs Of The Underground” p.106-110.
This is a new transfer and is not identical to LB-0509. The DAT was described to me as coming from 1st generation cassette (?) copies.
As you can never be sure with Dylan tapes of that vintage, especially SBDs, I decided to present the linage the way I did and add this caveat.
I did not harm the sound of the source tape in any way other than trying to pitch correct the show.

d1t09 just a 0:40 fragment (song does neither appear in Olof’s nor Les’ notes)
d2t04 @ 0:39 a one second patch from my old vinyl boot “At The Warehouse” to cover a drop out on the original DAT (sorry for the crackles…)
d2t06 ends @ 5:00 (probably a minute missing)
d2t16 cuts @ 6:44 (probably 10-20 seconds missing)
d3t06 @ 4:30 several seconds edited out (track cuts on DAT with music overlapping)
d3t09 cuts @ 1:14 (probably a minute missing)

Please keep this info file intact when distributing the music !
As long as there’s no commonly used sytem of identifiying Dylan shows (as e.g. Grateful Dead shows at other than CEDAR,
this is the best and easiest way at the moment to identify multiple versions of the same show. Thank You.

Source 2:

Source 1 contains all the songs performed, I think. This source is missing some songs. You can see what songs it does contain over at Lossless Bob.


Label: The Soundboard Master Tapes, TSMT-001/002

Audio Source: soundboard
Lineage: Silver –> XLD –> FLAC 8

Number of Discs: 2

Artwork: included

Total running time: 133m 27s
Disc 1 running time 64m 43s / Disc 2 running Time 68m 43s

Notes: Bob Dylan and the RTR played two shows at the Warehouse in New Orleans on May 3rd, 1976. The evening show is sourced from an excellent quality soundboard recording. The sound quality on this is a considerable improvement over all previous release and can be considered definitive. All of the Dylan performances are present and a selection of the other numbers fill out the balance of the set with ‘Isis’ being the biggest cut in the tape, eliminating the final several minutes of the song.

The first two Dylan songs are played alone accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. ‘Love Minus Zero / No Limit’ makes its only appearance on the second RTR tour. Dylan’s work with Guam begins with the duet ‘Vincent Van Gogh’ with Bob Neuwirth which is followed by the intense ‘Maggie’s Farm’ played during this tour. Dylan exaggerates the hillbilly accent during the chorus lending a counterpoint of irony to the song, but he sings so intensely he has to pause before the final ‘I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more’ and clears his throat. Two songs from Desire follow. ‘Isis’ is played with a heavy rock beat and is unfortunately cut after four and a half minutes, but that is a flaw on the source tape and there is nothing that can be done (unless an audience tape were to surface).

The final Dylan set takes up the bulk of disc two beginning with ‘Shelter From The Storm.’ The acoustic arrangement from Blood On The Trackswas transformed into an electric, fuzz laden stomper with Dylan shouting out the lyrics. The vulnerable desire for salvation is changed into a diatribe from one demanding respect wrapped into the hero’s hubris. After ‘You’re A Big Girl Now’ the only ever live performance of ‘Rita Mae’ follows. This Desire outtake, released two years after this show on the rare Masterpieces LP, sounds awesome and one that should have made more live appearances.

The weight of these performances lay in ‘Idiot Wind’ which effectively replaced ‘Hurricane’ in the set list for giving purpose to the proceedings. This performance seems to drag as Dylan spits out the lyrics. ‘We’re gonna go after this song – get a transfusion’ are Dylan’s words before the final eight minute version of ‘Gotta Travel On’ where everybody it seems takes a solo. Friends And Other Strangers is packaged in a gorgeous digipack with many period photos on the artwork and given the sound quality and excellent performance is worth having.

Bob Dylan – Friends And Other Strangers (The Soundboard Master Tapes TSMT-001/002)

Source 3:


Soundboard recording of the entire Dylan portion (minus Isis) of the 1976-05-03 show at the Warehouse in New Orleans.

Source 4:

This does not contain all the songs, for more information go to Bobs Boots.


The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA  May 3, 1976
Manufacturer / Catalog No. 
Flashback 01.94.0225 2CD

(a) acoustic
(a/b) acoustic with band
(w/JB) duet with Joan Baez
* verses by:
Dylan, Baez, Friedman, McGuinn, Stoner

This is a great representation of the ’76 material.  The mono soundboard recording is not up to today’s standards (there is quite a bit of tape hiss), but it is right up there among the best tapes of the tour. The sonic problems disappear, however, once you concentrate on the songs (such as the way Bob draws out the words on Maggie’s Farm or the happy feeling bounce of the reworked Shelter From The Storm. The performance is as good as you will find from this tour. The set includes 14 of the 16 Dylan performances. While giving a larger overview of the entire revue, the set leaves off Isis and You’re A Big Girl Now. The package, typical of this label, is very sparse and unworthy of such a historical recording.

Source 5:

Unknown LB#

“New Orlean ’76” is all the source info I have.

Contains these songs

Mr. Tambourine Man
No Limit
Vincent Van Gogh
Maggie’s Farm
Diamonds and Rust
Railroad Boy
I Pity the Poor Immigrant
Shelter from the Storm
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Agai
You’re a Big Girl Now
Rita May
Lay Lady Lay
Idiot Wind
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Gotta Travel On
Oh Sister
Simple Twist of Fate

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