The Cure – Plainsongs The Prayer Tour ’89 Soundboards

The Cure
“Plainsongs” – The Prayer Tour Soundboard

Donwload FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lineage: Soundboard>DAT Master>Cass.>DAT>CDR>FLAC (level 8)>DIME

01 Plainsong
02 Pictures of You
03 Closedown
04 Kyoto Song
05 A Night Like This
06 Last Dance
07 Cold
08 The Same Deep Water as You
09 The Figurehead
10 Three Imaginary Boys
11 Fire in Cairo
12 Boys Don’t Cry
13 Faith

Tracks 01 – 06: 1989-05-14 Frankfurt, Festhalle
Tracks 07 & 10 – 12: 1989-06-17 Arles, Arenes
Tracks 08, 09 & 13: 1989-05-07 Bremen, Stadthalle

Cold, Figurehead, TIB, and Faith fade in.

One thought on “The Cure – Plainsongs The Prayer Tour ’89 Soundboards

  1. This is gorgeous. I never had a chance to see this amazing line-up. This is way better than going to a concert in person because people often talk during songs or I can’t hear nearly as clearly as this. I’ve been DYING to hear more versions of “The Figurehead” with Boris Williams as drummer after becoming obsessed with the amazing recording from the “Paris” album, so I was thrilled to find this. Thanks!

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