Grateful Dead – Atlanta, GA (03/27/95)

Grateful Dead
March 27th, 1995
The Omni; Atlanta, GA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have two sources for this show, you can read the info here.

Disc One(74:18):

1. 07:50 Picasso Moon
2. 18:31 Sugaree
3. 07:34 It’s All Over Now
4. 09:03 So Many Roads
5. 11:29 Let It Grow
6. 12:49 Aiko Aiko
7. 07:02 Way To Go Home

Disc Two(78:58)

1. 15:33 Playin’ in the Band
2. 27:00 Uncle John’s Band>Drums
3. 08:49 Space
4. 13:29 Days Between
5. 10:05 Sugar Magnolia
6. 04:02 I Fought The Law

2 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – Atlanta, GA (03/27/95)

  1. So cool! This was one of only two times I saw The Dead. I’m not really a fan, but really enjoyed this show. A friend who was a huge fan used to have my wife and I babysit for her kids every year when the Dead came around… which is what we were doing this year, but then my friend called us before the show, said her friends had cancelled – would we like to go? (and they found another babysitter) It was great!

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