Bob Dylan – New York, NY (01/xx/71) “Telephone Conversations with AJ Weberman”

Bob Dylan vs A.J. Weberman (1971)

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These are the telephone tapes made by A.J. Weberman of two phone calls  (Jan 6th & 9th, 1971) to Bob Dylan regarding an article published by Weberman concerning  Bob Dylan. Weberman became infamous for going through Dylan’s trash and selling the  garbage he found. I obtained this copy of these recordings from a generation-counting  private collector in Ireland 15 years ago and, at the time, I was told they were sourced from  a reel to reel copy made from Weberman’s cassettes, rather than from the Folkways LP  edition. The material shows amazing insight into Dylan as a human being, a family man and  an artist. I decided not to try to clean up the material using DSP since the previous trader
left it as he got it.

1: Introduction
2: January 6, 1971
3: January 9, 1971

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