Jerry Garcia Band – Philadelphia, PA (11/12/91)

Jerry Garcia Band
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

This is a tagged version of shnid: 97072
Recorded by Jeff Travitz; Schoeps MK-4s> Sony D-10
Lineage: Master DAT>HHB Stand Alone CDR (model unknown)>CD>dBpoweramp CD Ripper>HD>Audio Audition 2.0 (adjust DC Offset and retrack)> FLAC encoding
Processing and FLAC encoding by David Minches:

Disc 1

Set 1
01. crowd
02. How Sweet It Is
03. Stoned Me
04. He Ain’t Give You None
05. Run for the Roses
06. Struggling Man
07. No Bread in the Breadbox
08. My Sisters and Brothers >
09. Deal

Disc 2

Set 2
01. crowd
02. Bright Side of the Road
03. Shining Star
04. Waiting for a Miracle
05. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
06. Evangeline
07. Don’t Let Go
08. Let’s Spend the Night Together
09. What a Wonderful World

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