Jerry Garcia Does Reggae

Jerry Garcia Does Reggae
A Compilation

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1. Sitting In Limbo (1/12/94)
Garcia & Grisman, The Warfield, San Francisco
2. The Harder They Come (11/6/81)
Jerry Garcia Band, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, N.J.
3. Stop That Train (8/8/90)
Jerry Garcia Band, The Warfield, San Francisco
4. Stir It Up (1/29/77)
Jerry Garcia Band, Keystone, Berkeley, CA
5. Johnny Too Bad (9/10/94)
Jerry Garcia Band, Reno Hilton Amphitheatre, Reno, NV
6. Sitting In Limbo (7/24/80)
Jerry Garcia Band, Bushnell Auditorium, Hartford, CT
7. Struggling Man (7/7/79)
Reconstruction, Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
8. Boogie On Reggae Woman (4/12/75)
Legion Of Mary, Masonic Temple, Scranton, PA, late show

The History from the original uploader
Boogie On Reggae Woman: Yeah, I know. Technically not a reggae song but Stevie Wonder did put it in the title. Played 24 times by Garcia & Saunders and the Legion of Mary from 1974-75.

Johnny Too Bad: Played five times with the JGB from 1994-95.

Sitting In Limbo: Played 108 times, mostly electric versions by Garcia & Saunders, Legion of Mary and the JGB from 1974-82 and 10 times by Garcia & Grisman from 1991-94.

Stir It Up: Played 33 times with Keith & Donna version of the JGB from July, 1976 to December, 1977.

Stop That Train: Played 122 times from 1976-95 by almost every lineup of the JGB.

Struggling Man: Played 58 times starting with 17 by Reconstruction in 1979, then reentered the repertoire in 1990 until the very end.

The Harder They Come: Played 362 times from 1973-95 by Garcia & Saunders, Legion of Mary and multiple JGBs. The second-most played song among Jerry’s side projects, behind only How Sweet It Is.

One thought on “Jerry Garcia Does Reggae

  1. A few weeks back I was tooling around on Etree browsing all their Jerry shows and on a whem decided to grab a bunch of really random Jerry stuff. They are finally rolling through my upload queue so they’ll be posted here over the next day or two (and then scattered out over the next few weeks). Its an odd assortment of compilations like this Reggae batch plus Jerry sitting in with others, etc. Should be fun.

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