The Midnight Cafe Mix #2 – It’s All Right


Various Artists
The Midnight Cafe Mix #2 – It’s All Right

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My goal was to do a mix every month and here it is the middle of March and I’m just getting my second one out.  Truth is I had this one ready at the end of February but kept forgetting to post it.  Once again this is a pretty random mix.  These aren’t the greatest bootleg songs of all time.  They aren’t the best performances by these artists nor even the best versions of these songs.  Its just a bunch of songs that I like, put together for fun.

The transitions should be a little better this time than last, though I’m still learning how to edit the MP3s.

1. “Where the Streets Have No Name” – U2
1987.05.15 – Rutherford, NJ

U2 at the height of their powers.  I always loved this song as the opener for The Joshua Tree and it works really well opening this mix.

2. “Good Lovin'” – The Grateful Dead
1978.04.12 – Durham, NC

Not my favorite period for the Dead, nor my favorite cover song, but they do a really nice rockin’ version here.

3. “One More Cup of Coffee” – Bob Dylan
1993.11.16 – New York, NY

From the infamous Supperclub shows.  The all acoustic version knocks some of the menace out of this song, but the excellent playing more than makes up for it.

4.  “Wings for Wheels” – Bruce Springsteen
1975.02.05 – Bryn Mawr PA

An early rendition of “Thunder Road.”  Its fun to catch the various differences between this and its “official” version.

5. “Fred Jones Part 2” – Ben Folds
2005.12.29 – XM Radio

Slowing things down a bit comes this ballad from Ben Folds.

6. “Mission in the Rain” – Jerry Garcia Band
1989.01.28 – San Francisco, CA

I’m usually not a fan of this song, but Jerry’s got a nice solo in it which is followed by some interesting stuff by Melvin Seals.  It starts off really slow and soft but it cooks up eventually.

7. “Breakdown” – Tom Petty
1999.04.23 – Hamburg, Germany

Tom Petty gets things rocking again.  I really like the little vocal rave up at the end.

8. “Sweet Jane” – Lou Reed
1974.05.14 – Stockholm, Sweden

Holy moly is Lou on fire here.  The whole band just smokes.

9. “Heroes” David Bowie
2003.11.22 – Dublin, Ireland

The first bit of this is clipped but its well worth the slight error there to hear the rest of it.

10. “Vanlose Stairway” – Van Morrison

It doesn’t get any smoother than to have Van take us away on the Vanlose Stairway.




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