Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – London, England (12/12/89)


Neil Young
1989-12-12 Believed to be the date.
Hammersmith Odeon
London, England

Download: FLAC/MP3

sony walkman > apple G4 > soundstudio(for track splitting) > AIFF > FLAC


01 my my hey hey
02 rocking in the free world
03 old laughing lady
04 dont let it bring you down
05 someday
06 crime in the city
07 eldorado
08 too far gone
09 this notes for you
10 needle and the damage done
11 no more
12 fuckin up
13 after the goldrush
14 ohio
15 rocking in the free world
16 powderfinger

From the original uploader:
After downloading some of the recent NY torrents I thought I’d add this to the mix, this is direct off the master tape that I did myself and it sounds pretty good. For those of you with more analy retentive natures it was recorded on a sony walkman with an external mic from the center of the 10th row.

The performance is brilliant and it’s only a shame i didn’t have a camera as well because most of the show Young was glaring and mouthing obscenities at the first couple of rows for some reason.
There is one flaw in Too Far Gone where I flipped the tape.

One thought on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – London, England (12/12/89)

  1. Not too familiar with this recording, mostly due to the sheer number of ex recordings from this leg of the tour. I can however recommend the gig as I was there in the stalls. Particularly stunning performance from a great tour. Dark, intense, passionate performance from Neil. Mostly solo on a radio mic, he prowled the dark stage in a semi-crouched posture with his oversized silhouette projected behind him. Also, despite being an ‘acoustic’ gig it was incredibly loud and heavy. Neil’s guitar was so ‘cranked’ that every time he touched a string it reverberated around the theatre. Amazing technique to play an acoustic guitar like that. Maybe the recorders comments about Neil’s mood explains the particular intensity of this performance.

    Highly recommended, as is the tour generally (and all of Neil in ’89). Also seek out the ex broadcast recordings from Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg, available in superb audio quality.

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