Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (04/21/92)


Van Morrison
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco
April 21, 1992

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: DAUD (second row of tables)
Recording: Audio Technica pin-point mics > Sony D3
Transfer : DAT > Cool Edit Pro > CD
SHN: CD > EAC (Plextor PX-W4824A, secure mode, correct read/write offsets) > WAV > mkwACT > SHN
Shntool confirms tracks cut on sector boundaries
SHN files converted to FLAC

DISC ONE (65:19)
1. ///Professional Jealousy (2:26)
2. The Mystery (3:24)
3. Peace of Mind (4:39)
4. Haunts of Ancient Peace (5:13)
5. All Saints Day (2:29)
6. Allow Me/Mama Don’t Allow It (3:39)
7. So Complicated (3:33)
8. Sweet Thing (6:58)
9. My Lagan Love (2:37)
10. Star of the County Down (2:33)
11. Why Must I Always Explain? (3:07)
12. Vanlose Stairway/Trans-Euro Train (7:20)
13. Cleaning Windows/Be Bop A Lula (5:04)
14. It Fills You Up (4:11)
15. Help Me (8:06)

DISC TWO (55:44)
1. Sticks and Stones (2:38)
2. Crawlin’ King Snake/Lonely Avenue (8:37)
3. I’ll Go Crazy (3:12)
4. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart, No. 1 (4:02)
5. A Town Called Paradise (6:26)
6. Did Ye Get Healed (4:22)
7. It’s All In The Game/Give It A Rest Rant/Make It Real One More Time (8:14)
8. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore (6:15)
9. See Me Through/Soldier of Fortune/Chain Gang (10:58)

Van Morrison: vocals, guitar, harp, alto
Ronnie Johnson: guitar
Nicky Scott: bass
Dave Early: drums
Kate St. John: tenor, soprano, baritone, penny whistle
Neil Drinkwater: keyboards
Teena Lyle: everything else

5 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (04/21/92)

  1. Hi Mat,
    I’m guessing the title is indicative of another ambivalent ‘Hymns’ audience! So diffiult to understand people’s attitude to this tour, most interesting and best setlist since the Chieftains gigs in ’88 Van was clearly perplexed, judging by his remarks to the audience thru the tour.

    DAT rec too, very nice!

  2. ??? Have you read the setlist? I guess your remark is correct if you stopped listening to Van in ’77. The decade following this is unquestionably Van’s greatest period of creativity.
    In addition ‘Hymns’ is an absolute classic album, right up there with Astral, Moondance, Veedon, Poetic Champions, Into The Music etc. I ‘got it’ the first time I listened to my newly purchased vinyl copy on the day of it’s release.

    How do you top Ray Charles’ (andd Jerry Lee’s) version of ‘Can’t Stop Loving You’?
    Ask Van, or just give it another spin

    In anyu case Vanlose Stairway, Vanlose Stairway, Inarticulate Speech, Cleaning Windows, Help Me etc etc had all been staples of the live set for a decade or more.

  3. Interesting I was expecting a better vocal performance considering the date, but he actually sounds very similar to 2017 Van here.

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