The Band – Bethel, NY (08/17/69)

The Band
Woodstock Festival
Max Yasgur’s Farm Field
Bethel, N.Y.
August 17, 1969

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01 Intro – The Genetic Method – Chest Fever
02 Don’t Do It
03 Tears Of Rage
04 We Can Talk
xx Long Black Veil
06 Don’t You Tell Henry
xx Ain’t No More Cane On The Brazos
08 This Wheel’s On Fire
09 I Shall Be Released
xx The Weight – Outro
— Encore
xx Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

xx – track removed because it was used on an official release.

Band Members
Robbie Robertson – acoustic and electric guitars & vocals
Rick Danko – bass & vocals
Levon Helm – drums, mandolin & vocals
Garth Hudson – organ & saxaphone
Richard Manuel – piano, drums & vocals

Source: Master Soundboard Reel
Lineage: msr > dat > cdr > eac(secure) > adobe audition 3 (fixes see notes) > flac level 6

Fixes by happy jack
track 5 removed pop at 3:00
track 10 softened mic bump at 4:36 and smoothed out abrupt stop (and/or pause button was hit) of recording during the encore applause and then started to record again before encore song. NO muisc was lost

17 thoughts on “The Band – Bethel, NY (08/17/69)

  1. All I can say is WOW! I have never seen the Band’s Woodstock set posted anywhere before and the sound quality is outstanding. Do you know where the 4 songs that are missing were commercially released? I have virtually everything The Band officially released and those songs aren’t on anything I have including their Musical History box set. I am really curious if there is any way I can fill out the rest of this show because it’s about as historical and wonderful as it gets. Thank you!

  2. The term ‘essentisl’ is over used. Here it is simply fact!
    Not certain about the removed tracks, also pretty sure they haven’t seen a release on a Band album. Best guess is that they must have been included on one of the multitude of Woodstock collections which ave been released in more recent times. If they were then they would presumably have been taken from the multi-track masters. The SBD reels (as with the CCR set) are not directly related to the ‘official’ recordings made for the film/albums etc.
    Anyway i’m certain that my master copy of this is complete in my archives. From memory think I got it from G101 or T.U.B.E. way back. Prob an EDGE post. Have a look there first there might still be a working FileFactory link. My Band HDD is not to hand at the moment. I’ll try to help out at some point if other efforts fail

    • Dylandave, I greatly appreciate your comments. If there is any way you can get your complete master to Mat and he can post it or if you could post a link to it on your own that would be great. I was at Woodstock 48 years ago this week. I was quite young and only managed to stay for Saturday so I wasn’t there for The Band on Sunday. But I would truly appreciate filling out this set if you can help. I was able to find this at T.U.B.E. (he posted the full show in 2014) but couldn’t get the old links to work.

  3. To be clear the notes about the official tracks and the removal thereof is not on my end. I don’t remember where I got this show, but they didn’t come with those tracks.

  4. No sign of the Band trax on the ‘Woodstock 40’ 6 CD box. I’m perplexed by this one. Of course there are other Woodstock boxes but i can’t recall them having Band trax. I seem to recall now that I got this initially in this ‘cropped’ form and then later got a complete file set.

  5. Sorry Alan, just saw your message, i’ll have a look later, i’ll gladly help, only issue currently is number of external drive connections to pc. Check in here for an update

  6. If anyone had issues with the files, I’ve made a new rar set & emailed it. Sorry for any confusion, I still had the original rar so i used that. Zippy only allows upto 200mb. The split was done by it’s own uploading software, usually works fine, on windows pc anyway.

  7. Wow….this is great!…
    I would love to hear the missing tracks.
    Would it be possible to be included for an email of the link for the other tracks, the full Band performance, whatever?
    This is wonderful, a good recording, stereo sound, capturing such a hisorical moment in very fine quality. Blistering guitar work, whew…just hearing it now…

  8. OK guys, just an update, I found it. The Band’s Woodstock set resides at gitars one-oh-one, flac, courtesy of the Edge, sounding great. It is a gem indeed!

  9. I never considered myself a fan of the Band….until I heard this. WOW!!!!! Incredible performance. And great sound. This is a treasure.

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