The Band – Jericho Demos

The Band
Woodstock, 1991 and/or 1992
Jericho demos, rehearsals, outtakes

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  1. Caves of Jericho (5:42)
  2. Shine A Light (4:44)
  3. Move to Japan (4:53)
  4. Country Boy (3:21) REMOVED
  5. Night On The Town (3:54)
  6. The Same Thing (4:02)
  7. Amazon (5:36)
  8. Atlantic City (4:47)
  9. Circle of Time (5:22)
  10. The Tide Will Rise (3:51)
  11. Nobody Sings ‘Em Like Ray (4:42)
  12. Remedy (4:22)
  13. Keep The Home Fires Burning (4:48)
  14. Stuff You Gotta Watch (2:53)
  15. Blind Willie McTell (7:33)
  16. Atlantic City (4:47)
  17. Soul Deep (4:24)
  18. Remedy (live) (5:36) REMOVED
  19. Blind Willie McTell (live) (4:11) REMOVED

Rick Danko
Levon Helm
Garth Hudson
Richard Bell
Randy Ciarlante
Jim Weider
and the ghost of Richard Manuel

Colin Linden
John Simon (?)
Bobby Strickland (?)
Dave Douglas (?)
Aaron Hurwitz (?)
Others (?)

Note: these tracks were received as a double cdr set in a trade, with tracks from three different sources. The original Wav files were not named (just Track 1, track 2, etc). I changed the track names after extracting, before compressing. The log files included here reflects the discs as i received them.

I cannot detail the lineage, but I did check to ensure these are not from a lossy or cress-encoded source. The lineage I can offer is:

Studio demos > cassette (unknown generation) > digital conversion > CDR > WAV files with extracted & compressed to FLAC level 8 (verified) with xACT 1.71. Log file & fingerprints included in torrent.

I have removed “Country Boy” from this torrent. Although the overdubs are all different on the version released on “Jericho”, the base track is the same, which violates two separate Dime polices of what’s not allowed:

  • The audio of any performance used as the sound on officially released video material – even if the recording is from another source than that of the sound in the officially available material;
  • Remixes, remasters, alternate mixes, and alternate edits of any official material;
    I also dropped the final two songs which were from an official, if somewhat obscure, release:

Notes, mostly stolen from
which you should read in it’s entirety if you’re interested in this sort of thing:

These are all different versions to the released album. These are said to be out-takes, but none of them are final mixes. There seems little overdubbing and backing voices are less pronounced. There’s an almost live feel – rehearsals rather than out-takes. The bass is over-present throughout, a common problem with live recordings. As bass isn’t directional it leaks onto every mic and over-amplifies itself. There rarely seem to be two drummers, and Garth plays a lot of accordion throughout the first half. These tracks can’t have been sequenced as an album, as the four numbers with horns are in a row together. They might well be the earlier versions of the album with John Simon.

Caves of Jericho
Levon lead vocal.

Shine A Light
Rick takes the first verse, then hands over to someone else for the next. This could be Randy Ciarlante or John Simon (who plays piano and does backing vocal on the final version) or someone unknown. Great slide guitar which was dropped from the final version. the unknown voice and slide guitar sound a lot like Colin Linden.

Move to Japan
This has a very live feel. Garth’s accordion is prominent.

Country Boy
Richard Manuel. This is the older tape that they preserved for the final album.

Night On The Town (Bruce Hornsby)
Title track of a Bruce Hornsby album. Lead vocal is Randy – Rick and Levon can be heard in the background. It starts with ‘shave and a haircut- two bits’ rhythm. Then this version takes too many directions and is ultimately too messy to get anywhere, There’s a great bit of wild Garth organ.

The Same Thing
Levon counts this in and sings. A looser feel than the final cut.

‘tikki tikki’ birds sound effect starts before Same Thing finishes and runs right into this – suggesting some post production effort. Rick sings.

Atlantic City
This has some odd and interesting breaks where only a drum flourish is heard. A nice idea that got dropped (probably for the best though). Levon’s vocal is not quite as subtle.

Circle of Time
This is new and it’s a loping mid-sixties style soul influenced song. Think about mid-period Robert Parker or Levon & The Hawks to get the feel. Rick Danko sings lead, supported (I think) by a female singer. The prominent instruments are bass, drums and guitar with less piano and a touch of synth with a horns sounds. I’d guess an unfinished demo rather than a finished out-take, the bass is so over-prominent that it can’t be a final mix, though all the elements are there. Jim Weider bends some very un-Band like guitar sounds. If this had made it through to Jericho. it would definitely have been one of the best tracks on the album. The bass on Circle of Time doesn’t sound like Rick Danko; my guess is that it’s Rob Leon. Guitar is likely Colin Linden again.

The Tide Will Rise (Music: Bruce Hornsby / Words: Bruce Hornsby and John Hornsby)
Levon sings lead. This song found its way to Hornsby’s January 1993 Harbor Lights album, and is a song to his ancestors, the watermen of Virginia. This is presumably an earlier version then. With words like ‘they say we’re a dying breed, they say we’re gonna disappear’ it reminds me of Cahoots, complete with tinkling orientalish synth and guitar sounds. They put out worse than this in the past (most of Islands and Cahoots for starters). Also it’s hard to tell how different a clean final mix would be.

Then next four songs run after each other, and all feature Garth on horns rather than keyboard. There are usually multiple horns. On the final versions on Jericho Bobby Strickland added sax, and Dave Douglas added trumpet. They (or others) may well be on these sessions too.

Nobody Sings ‘Em Like Ray
Co-written by Jim Rooney. Jazzy tribute to Ray Charles with Garth Hudson performing powerfully on horns. Either there’s overdubbing or assistance. Three voices share equal honours, Levon, Rick and probably Randy. It’s also very catchy, and has great lyrics. It’s incomprehensible that it wasn’t used.

The bass sounds more prominent than the final version. The piano is terrific.

Keep The Home Fires Burning
This opens with a jaunty sax lead. Vocals are shared. The harmony chorus has a C&W feel.

Stuff You Gotta Watch
Opens in Sgt Pepper style with a voice announcing ‘the triumphant return of the Kenny Wayne Orchestra!’ then goes into a very live sounding big band pastiche version of Stuff You Gotta Watch which is faster and better than the album cut. Phenomenal!

When the Crossing The Great Divide bootleg appeared, it had the demo versions of Blind Willie McTell and Atlantic City, together with The Box Tops cover Soul Deep. These are dated 1991.

Levon Helm – Woodstock, NY (07/18/84)

Levon Helm – 07/18/84
Joyous Lake
Woodstock, NY

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Set 1
01 /// The Rhumba
02 Havana Moon
03 When I Get My Reward
04 Voodoo Music
05 Hang My Head For Shame
06 Evangeline
07 Caledonia
08 I Came Here to Party

Set 2
01 Band Intros
02 Sitting On Top Of The World
03 Strangers To Me
04 Dontcha Tell Henry
05 Don’t Do it
06 Milk Cow Blues
07 Down South in New Orleans
08 Every Night & Every Day
09 I’m On My Journey Home

Levon Helm – Drums, Mandolin, Vocal
Cindy Cashdollar – Dobro, Vocal
Artie Traum – Guitar
Jimmy Weider – Electric Guitar
Andy Robinson – Guitar
Mike Copers – Banjo
Stan Szelest – Piano
Frank Campbell -Bass


Outstanding sound quality of a rare Levon show.
Master cassette tapes supplied by Jerry Moore
Digital Conversion and CDWAVTracking by Jim O’Brien

Jeff Buckley – Grace Sessions

September 20, 1993 – October 30, 1993
Woodstock, Bearsville Recording Studios, New York, USA
GRACE recording sessions

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01 Lover, You Should’ve Come Over 5:53
02 Eternal Life 4:44
03 Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan) 3:21
04 Dink’s Song (traditional / John Lomax) 10:37
05 If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan) 6:44
06 Night Flight (Led Zeppelin) 5:54
07 Hallelujah (take 1) 6:44
08 Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan) 6:43
09 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (take 1) (Bob Dylan) 3:44
10 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (take 2) (Bob Dylan) 4:37
11 Hallelujah (take 2) (Leonard Cohen) 8:49
12 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (riff) (Bob Dylan) 0:19
13 Hallelujah (take 3) (Leonard Cohen) 6:56
14 Outro 1:01

Total running time: 1:16:06

Excellent Soundboard recording
‘Born Again From The Rhythm – The Grace Outtakes ‘ – Godfather Records, GR 172.
Lineage: Silver Bootleg CDs > EAC > Flac >bt-completedir > HC > you

This bootleg does not contain all outtakes – its missing known outtakes – ‘Calling You’,
‘Forget Her’, ‘Kanga-Roo’, and ‘Lost Highway’. May have also contained an additional track of
‘Mama, You Been On My Mind’.

The only other bootleg having this very same material is ‘The Bearsville Grace Outtakes’
but the quailty is not as pristine as on ‘Born Again From The Rhythm’.

Tracklist correlated to archived webpage sources from, date taken
from the book Dream Brother by David Browne.

Recording at the Bearsville Studio started late September 1993 (after the 20th) to around
October 30, so exact dates of these recordings cant be more accurately dated.

During these sessions ‘Calling You’, ‘Forget Her’, ‘Kanga-Roo’, and ‘Lost Highway’ had been also performed which appear in other forms on official releases.

For a second, after ‘Night Flight’ Jeff goes into the riff of ‘Celebration Day’.
Just before finishing off he also goes into Hymn To A’Lamour and plays its tune.

Information from flowers in time database –

The Band – Bethel, NY (08/17/69)

The Band
Woodstock Festival
Max Yasgur’s Farm Field
Bethel, N.Y.
August 17, 1969

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01 Intro – The Genetic Method – Chest Fever
02 Don’t Do It
03 Tears Of Rage
04 We Can Talk
xx Long Black Veil
06 Don’t You Tell Henry
xx Ain’t No More Cane On The Brazos
08 This Wheel’s On Fire
09 I Shall Be Released
xx The Weight – Outro
— Encore
xx Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever

xx – track removed because it was used on an official release.

Band Members
Robbie Robertson – acoustic and electric guitars & vocals
Rick Danko – bass & vocals
Levon Helm – drums, mandolin & vocals
Garth Hudson – organ & saxaphone
Richard Manuel – piano, drums & vocals

Source: Master Soundboard Reel
Lineage: msr > dat > cdr > eac(secure) > adobe audition 3 (fixes see notes) > flac level 6

Fixes by happy jack
track 5 removed pop at 3:00
track 10 softened mic bump at 4:36 and smoothed out abrupt stop (and/or pause button was hit) of recording during the encore applause and then started to record again before encore song. NO muisc was lost

The Grateful Dead – Bethel, NY (08/16/69)

Grateful Dead
Max Yasgur’s Farm,
Bethel, New York
(8trk Master Reels @ 15ips)

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Disc 1 (44:29)

1. Introduction (3:04)
2. St. Stephen%–> (2:04)
3. Mama Tried–> (2:42)
4. High Time tease (0:26)
5. stage banter/technical difficulties (10:43)
6. Dark Star–> (19:09)
7. High Time (6:19)

Disc 2 (38:42)

1. Lovelight* (38:42)

*with Ken Babbs

–small glitch/discontinuity at 0:10 in St. Stephen
–there seem to be disguised splices in St. Stephen, as several verses are missing. It seems possible that power was cutting out at times causing this problem.
–dropout at 32:45 in Lovelight

part of The Music Never Stopped project 2003

Thanks to David Litfin
edits/encoding by JCotsman

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bethel, NY (08/16/69)

CCR - Bethel New York 1969 - Woodstock

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Woodstock Music and Arts Fair
Bethel, NY
August 16th 1969

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100% bootleg source. John Fogerty originally banned the Woodstock filmmakers from using any audio or visual footage of the band. Four tracks have since been released on a Woodstock box-set that came from the filmmakers’ multi-track recordings. This torrent represents a privately recorded stereo tape that is not related to the filmmakers’ multitrack recordings.

01 Chip Monck Intro/Born On The Bayou
02 Green River
03 Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won’t Do)
04 Bootleg
05 Commotion
06 Bad Moon Rising
07 Proud Mary
08 I Put A Spell On You
09 Night Time Is The Right Time
10 Keep On Chooglin’
11 Suzy Q

David Nelson – Woodstock, NY (08/16/02)

David Nelson Band
Bearsville Theater
Woodstock, NY

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Set I
Rocky Road Blues
Wind & Rain
Rosalie McFall
Louis Collins
Slidin’ Delta
Any Naked Eye
Gone Home
Two Soldiers
If I Lose
Attics Of My Life (instr.)
Box Of Rain
Set II
Rag Mama Rag
Last Lonely Eagle
Lonesome Highway
Different World>
Road To Armageddon
Edge Of The Wire
Bet It On Down The Line
The Wheel
Kick In The Head