Shows of the Day: May 27, 2023

Bob Marley – 1978.05.31 – Miami, FL

Hank Williams – 1952.07.13 – West Grove, PA – I recently made this one public after sitting in private mode for years. It had a working Mediafire link and now it has a good Google one too.

Jason Isbell – 2023.04.06 – Melbourne, Australia

The Rolling Stones – Ultra Rare Trax Vol.1

The Rolling Stones – Ultra Rare Trax, Vol 2

The Rolling Stones: Shows by Date

xxxx.xx.xx – The Chronologically Fully Finished Studio Outtakes
xxxx.xx.xx – Exile Outtakes
xxxx.xx.xx – The First Decade
xxxx.xx.xx – Foxes In Boxes, Vol. 3
xxxx.xx.xx – Isolated Trax, Vol. 3
xxxx.xx.xx – It’s Only Goat’s Head Soup…But We Like It
xxxx.xx.xx – Past and Present
xxxx.xx.xx – Reverse Blues
xxxx.xx.xx – Shades of Orange
xxxx.xx.xx – A Stone Alone – Keith Richards Demos
1963-1965 – At the Beeb
1963-1965 – Get Satisfaction…If You Want
1963-1968 – Ultra Rare Trax, Vol. 1
1963-1969 – Ultra Rare Trax, Vol. 2
1965.04.11 – London, England
1967-1975 – 100% Odd Lots Vinyl
1968-1972 – Sticky Beggers Bleed in Exile
1969-1994 – Hot Stuff On Stage, Vol. 1
1969.11.27 – New York, NY

1970.09.02 – Helsinki, Finland
1970.09.06 – Gothenburg, Sweden
1971.03.06 – Coventry, England
1971-1974 – Outtakes and Rarities, Vol. 7
1972.xx.xx – Rolling Stones Touring Party, Vol 1-3
1972.xx.xx – Turn the Heat Up
1972-1973 – Keep Your Motor Runnin’
1972 -1994 – Rolling Stones & Friends
1972.06.10 – Long Beach, CA
1973.xx.xx – The 1973 Tour, Vol. 1
1973.xx.xx – The 1973 Tour, Vol. 2
1973.xx.xx – The 1973 Tour, Vol. 3
1973.01.18 – Los Angeles, CA
1973.01.21-22 – Honolulu, HI
1973.02.xx – Happy Birthday Nicky, Australia
1973.02.11 – Auckland, New Zealand
1973.09.03 – Mannheim, Germany
1973.10.17 – Brussels, Belgium
1975.03.15 – London, England
1976.06.04-07 – Paris, France
1978.xx.xx – Saturday Night Live
1978.xx.xx – Some Boys
1979.04.22 – Oshawa, Canada

1981.10.17 – San Francisco, CA
1981.11.10 – Hartford, CT
1989.08.31 – Philadelphia, PA
1990.07.07 – London, England
1991.10.15-17 – Sevilla, Spain – Keith Richards with Bob Dylan & Others
1994.xx.xx – Westwood One Concert Series
1994.10.17 – San Diego, CA
1995.07.27 – Montpellier, France
1998.01.23 – Honolulu, HI
1999.02.22 – Auburn Hill, MI
2002.08.16 – Toronto, Canada
2012.11.29 – London, England

The Rolling Stones – Oshawa, Canada (04/22/79)

Oshawa Civic Auditorium
(The Swingin’ Pig Records 202)
Oshawa, Ontario, Candada

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Original TSP CDs -> WAV (EAC v. 0.95 beta 4 – secure, Offset “actual”) -> FLAC (flacfrontend, level 6) -> You

Excellent Stereo Soundboard



02. SWEET LITTLE ROCK ‘N ROLLER (written by Chuck Berry)
03. F.U.C. HER
07. AM I GROOVING YOU (written by Berns/Barry)
08. SEVEN DAYS (written by Bob Dylan)


01. PRODIGAL SON (written by Wilkins)
02. LET IT ROCK (written by Chuck Berry)
06. JUST MY IMAGINATION (written by the Temptations)

According to Bill Wyman, the 2nd show at Oshawa 1979 (which this torrent features) was a lot better than the 1st one.
Which makes me very grateful that there’s no good sounding recordings of the 1st show (only a piss poor recording exists of the 1st show)
Because….this 2nd show at Oshawa is a complete riot – it’s impossible to be “serious” when listening to the performance Rolling Stones and New Barbarians gave that afternoon.
The whole show is filled with mistakes from the band – Ronnie and Keith is obviously drunk as skunks – and unlike now……Jagger is drunk as well! (no need to even mention John Belushi – who introduces the show…..he’s in another dimension)

Just listen to “Respectable” – if you like to hear “the greatest R&R band in the world” being “the most out-of-it R&R band in the world”

It’s interesting to know that during “Jumpin Jack Flash” – the bass player of New Barbarians (Stanley Clarke) joined Rolling Stones.
And – due to recent published photos; he also starred on “Miss You” !
That’s quite unique. Not many people have been allowed on-stage with the Rolling Stones during the years, apart from vocals.
I would not blame Bill Wyman if he didn’t bother to be the only bass player on stage that night. I wouldn’t even blame him for leaving the entire show, and have a quiet cup of tea instead.

I’m uploading this bootleg, as it is the BEST source for this show. And…there’s a *new* release from “Godfather records” which feature the Rolling Stones part of this show. I haven’t heard that “Godfather” bootleg – but as always….Godfather copy other bootlegs, and then tweaken the sound, with EQ
So save your money – and get the best source of this must-have show here.

Please check out this thread to see some photos from Oshawa 1979:,1121808,page=1

Complete artwork included, taken from “”

Enjoy…..Erik Snow, July 2010

The Rolling Stones & Friends – 1972-1994

The Rolling Stones + Friends
Compilation of the Stones playing with various guest artists from 1972-1994

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

01 Uptight-Satisfaction (Stevie Wonder 1972-07-25)
02 Sympathy For The Devil (Carlos Santana 1975-06-27)
03 Don’t Look Back (Peter Tosh 1978-07-11)
04 Faraway Eyes (Doug Kershaw 1978-07-18)
05 Black Limousine (Mick Taylor 1981-12-14)
06 Miss You (Suger Blue 1989-09-11)
07 Little Red Rooster (Eric Clapton 1989-10-19)
08 It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (Living Colour 1989-12-14)
09 Boogie Chillen (John Lee Hooker 1989-12-19)
10 Salt Of The Earth (Axl Rose & Izzy Stradler 1989-12-19)
11 No Expectations (Lenny Kravitz 1994-08-28)
12 Live With Me (Sheryl Crow 1994-11-25)
13 Stop Breaking Down (Robert Cray 1994-11-25)
14 Who Do You Love (Bo Diddley 1994-11-25)

From the original uploader:
This is a compulation i made up called “Rolling Stones And Friends” spanning from 1972-1994 guest appearances with the rolling stones. i picked out the clearest and and best quality recordings i had.This is the first of a two part series vol.2 i will upload later listen and enjoy =)

The Rolling Stones – Westwood One Superstar Concert Series – Giants Stadium 1994

Rolling Stones
Westwood One Superstar Concert Series
Giants Stadium 1994
Show # 10-51 for broadcast the weekend of December 18/19, 2010
Sourced from original disc, chaptered in Audacity.

Download FLAC: Medifire or Amazon Drive
Download MP3@320: Mediafire

01. Introduction
02. Tumbling Dice
03. Shattered
04. Satisfaction
05. Wild Horses
06. All Down The Line
07. Miss You
08. Honky Tonk Women
09. Street Fighting Man
10. Brown Sugar

The Rolling Stones – At The Beeb

The Rolling Stones
“The Stones At The Beeb”
Live BBC Radio 1
November 30th, 1985
Live FM Broadcast
(Bootleg CD)
Between September 1963 and August 1965

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Lineage : Live FM Radio Broadcast > TDK AD90 Cassette Tape > Magic Audio Cleaning Lab >
CD > EAC > Wave > Flac Frontend > Flac8

Saturday Club – recorded 23-9-63, broadcast 26-10-63
1. Come On
2. Memphis Tennessee
3. Roll Over Beethoven

Joe Loss Show – recorded 10-4-64, broadcast 9-5-64
4. Not Fade Away

Saturday Club – recorded 1-3-65, broadcast 6-3-65
5. Down The Road Apiece

Rhythm & Blues, Camden Theatre – recorded 19-3-64, broadcast 9-5-64
Introductions by Long John Baldry
6. Route 66
7. Cops And Robbers
8. You Better Move On
9. Mona

Saturday Club – recorded 1-3-65, broadcast 6-3-65
10. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
11. The Last Time

Yeh! Yeh! – recorded 20-8-65, broadcast 30-8-65
12. Mercy Mercy
13. Cry To Me
14. Fanny Mae
15. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Rhythm & Blues – recorded 8-10-64, broadcast 31-10-64
11. 2120 South Michigan Avenue

Artwork Included

Shadowman Original Notes:
Firstly, the sound quality of this show (and the 16 songs) are much better quality than heard on bootlegs such as
‘Got Satisfaction…If You Want!’, ‘Beat Beat Beat’ etc.

This is an hour long documentary taped by me from BBC Radio 1 on Saturday 30th November 1985 called ‘The Stones At The Beeb’.

It was a show presented by the DJ Andy Peebles and was part of a series of ‘At The Beeb’ The shows broadcast including The Beatles, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Elton John.

It contains 16 complete songs (although the show fades out 2120 South Michigan Avenue) As well as interviews with Brian Jones and Mick Jagger from 1965 and 1985 interviews with Bill Wyman.

I believe the above recording/broadcast dates and show names are correct.

Alternatives are as follows:
~ Rhythm & Blues, Camden Theatre – recorded 19-3-64, broadcast 9-5-64
(This show is introduced by Long John Baldry as ‘Rhythm & Blues’
not ‘Blues In Rhythm’ as per Felix Aeppli’s website and various bootlegs)

~ Joe Loss Show – recorded 10-4-64, broadcast 9-5-64
(Felix Aeppli’s website says this is Recorded April 13, 1964;
originally broadcast in ‘Saturday Club’, April 18, 1964
but this ‘Stones At The Beeb’ show indicates it was on the ‘Joe Loss Show’)

~ Saturday Club – recorded 1-3-65, broadcast 6-3-65
(Felix Aeppli’s website calls this the “Top Gear” show
but 6 March 1965 was a Saturday and ‘Top Gear’ I believe was broadcast on a Thursday evening)

~ Yeh! Yeh! – recorded 20-8-65, broadcast 30-8-65
(some of this show was also broadcast on “Saturday Club” on September 18, 1965)

Because the cassette tape I originally recorded this on back in 1985 was a 90 minute tape it meant that after 45 minutes I had to turn over the tape to keep recording. Therefore I missed a few seconds of the 1965 interview between Tony Hall and Mick Jagger from the ‘Yeh! Yeh!’ show. So I have used those missing few seconds from another source.

New Notes:
Thanks goes out to original uploader “Shadowman” for sharing this rare gem
with some really interesting interviews included as a bonus.
This bootleg CD was also available back in 1986 on a 2 LP vinyl bootleg titled “Stones At The Beep”.
Unlike other copies of this show – with this one “Shadowman” has provided us with the Whole One Hour Documentary including the Bill Wyman 1985 interviews and a couple of other interviews.

Much Respect “Shadowman” and appreciation for sharing this rare copy of The Stones At The Beeb 1985 with us. Original FFP, Original Wave File Report, EAC Log Files, New MD5, Original Art Work, Original Info File and new Rich Text Document with new notes included.

FreeMorrison March 11th, 2012

The Rolling Stones – Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1

The Rolling Stones
Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1
1989 The Genuine Pig [TGP-CD-101] ,  1 CD
(Tracks taken from 1963 thru 1970)
Catalogue #1230

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Track List:
1. Aladdin Story [05:10]
2. Diddley Daddy [02:36]
3. Ain’t That Loving You Baby [01:57]
4. Out Of Time [04:55]
5. Come On [02:00]
6. Hillside Blues a.k.a I Don’t Know The Reason Why [07:29]
7. You Got The Silver [02:52]
8. Memphis, Tennessee [02:19]
9. Tell Me Baby [01:58]
10. Trident Jam [03:33]
11. Memo From Turner [02:38]
12. Down in the Bottom [02:43]
13. Road Runner [03:01]
• 1970-10-17: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Studio Session
Track: 1 ( CD 1 )
Track: 10 ( CD 1 )

• 1963-03-11: IBC Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 2 ( CD 1 )
Track: 13 ( CD 1 )

• 1964-10-08: ‘Rhythm And Blues’ UK BBC radio, London, UK, Radio performance
Track: 3 ( CD 1 )

• 1966-03-06: RCA Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Studio Session
Track: 4 ( CD 1 )

• 1963-09-23: Saturday Club, London, UK, Radio performance
Track: 5 ( CD 1 )
Track: 8 ( CD 1 )

• 1969-10-17: Elektra Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Studio Session
Track: 6 ( CD 1 )

• 1969-02-10: Olympic Sound Studios, London, England, Studio Session
Track: 7 ( CD 1 )

• 1964-06-11: Chess Studios, Chicago, IL, Studio Session
Track: 9 ( CD 1 )
Track: 12 ( CD 1 )

• 1968-11-17: Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, Studio Session
Track: 11 ( CD 1 )

01. Aladdin Story [05:10] (Ureleased insturmental, live session at Trident Studios, late 1969)

02. Diddley Daddy [02:36] (Previously unreleased track, live at Chicago Chess Studio 1964)

03. Ain’t That Loving You Baby [01:57] (Previously unreleased track, live at Chicago Chess Studio 1964)

04. Out Of Time [04:55] (Instrumental version, with a different keyboard opening, RCA Studios 1965)

05. Come On [02:00] (BBC broadcoast in 1964)

06. Hillside Blues a.k.a I Don’t Know The Reason Why [07:29] ( Previously unreleased song during a live session at Olympic Studios in 1969)

07. You Got The Silver [02:52] (Live rehearsal for “Beggars Banquet”, Olympic Studios 1968)

08. Memphis Tennessee [02:19] (BBC broadcast in 1963)

09. Tell Me Baby [01:58] (Unreleased track recorded live at Chicago Chess Studio in 1964)

10. Prefab [03:33] (Previously unreleased instrumental track, live session at Trident Studios 1969)

11. Memo From Turner [02:38] (Alternate demo version of the one released for “Performance”, Olympic Studios 1968)

12. Meet Me In The Bottom [02:43] (Previously unreleased song live at Chicago Chess Studio 1964)

13. Roadrunner [03:01] (Another unreleased song recorded live at Chicago Chess Studio 1964)

Originally Import Released: 1989. Origin: Italy. (Songs From 1964 to 1969)

Much Respect and Great appreciation for my friend boutsko for sharing
all 10 Volumes of the Ultra Rare Trax from the Rolling Stones with me.
And giving me the OK to share them here at The MidNight Cafe,
where The Rolling Stones are loved by many.
What an incredible gem of a collection, some of these tracks are extremely rare and historical.
New FFP created: MD5, and Original Art Work Included.
I updated the songs with all the extra info.
ID3 tagging them so they have all the info in each file now
They are ready to burn to disc or play in any modern media player.
FreeMorrison February 20th, 2012

The Rolling Stones – New Exile Outtakes

New Exile On Main Street Outtakes

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Notes from the original uploader:
Here are 6 new discovered Exile outtakes that were available on YouTube recently. The stream on YouTube is lossy but since there is no lossless version available so far these tracks are allowed here.

1 Rocks Off*
2 Rip This Joint
3 All Down The Line
4 Soul Survivor
5 I Ain’t Signifying
6 Instrumental

FIRST PART by Munichhilton:
– YouTube through an X-Fi Creative soundcard into soundforge pro 10.
– Pitch corrected and Eq’d.
– Saved as wav files (* = 256k mp3).
– Uploaded on IORR/Megaupload

– Downloaded from IORR/Megaupload
– Reworked with Adobe Audition:
– Volume/balance adjustment, right channel was lower than left one
– Manual removal of a [b]lot[/b] of clicks, pops and – above all – microgaps (especially in the parts with very low volume). That was a lot of work!
– Converting to FLAC with FLAC Frontend

The Rolling Stones – Toronto, Canada (08/16/02)

Rolling Stones
Palais Royale Ballroom
Toronto, ON

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

You can find reviews here.

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll
Sad Sad Sad
If You Can’t Rock Me
Stray Cat Blues
Hot Stuff
Don’t Stop
Honky Tonk Women
Torn And Frayed
Wild Horses
I Can’t Turn You Loose
Heart Of Stone
Can You Hear Me Knockin’?
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Brown Sugar

The Rolling Stones – Australia 1973, Happy Birthday Nicky

The Rolling Stones
Happy Birthday Nicky
Oh Boy 2-9039
Silver CDs -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> flac 6

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1 :
Western Australia Cricket Ground, Perth, February 24, 1973
Excellent stereo soundboard recording

01. Brown Sugar
02. Bitch
03. Rocks Off
04. Gimmie Shelter
05. Happy
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Honky Tonk Women
08. All Down The Line
09. Midnight Rambler
10. Little Queenie

Disc 2 :
Royal Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, February 26, 1973
Excellent stereo soundboard recording

01. Brown Sugar
02. Bitch
03. Rocks Off
04. Gimmie Shelter
05. Happy
06. Tumbling Dice
07. Love In Vain
08. Sweet Virginia
09. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. All Down The Line
12. Midnight Rambler
13. Little Queenie
14. Rip This Joint

Enjoy !!!

Happy Birthday Nicky – Live In Perth
2 CD

Version 1
Oh Boy 2-9039
Disc 1 contains 11 tracks from Perth February 24, 1973. Disc 2 contains 14 tracks from Sydney February 26, 1973, missing only the last two tracks Jumping Jack Flash and Street Fighting Man. Not Perth 1st and 2nd as cover says, there was only one show in Perth! Both in exc. stereo soundboard quality.

Version 2
Oh Boy 2-9039
Picture CDs, different colours

Perth, Australia 2/24/73; 50 min; 9.0 s; “Rocks Off”
A classic. This stereo soundboard recording first turned up in 1987 on a German LP and is now on several CDs. Great recording and performance. I think this Swingin’ Pig release is the best; it’s a combination of the 2/24 show with parts of the 2/26 show; there is no 2/24 2nd show as some boots claim. It sounds a little better than disc 1 of “Happy Birthday Nicky” below. (Note: Total time of Rocks Off is longer; 50 min is the length of the 2/24 portion).

Sydney 2/26/73; 65 min; 8.5 s; “Happy Birthday Nicky”/others
The CD may claim disc 2 is 2/24 2nd show, but there was no 2nd show that day; it’s actually Sydney 2/26. This is another stereo soundboard recording though not quite as good as 2/24; the tape has been copied a few more times. Avoid the Japanese “Winter Tour 1973” 2CD set if you ever see it; it’s the audience recording of the show. At least it has the last 2 songs missing from the soundboard recording. VGP’s “Rock ‘n Roll Stew” is the soundboard recording with the last two songs tacked on from the audience recording, and the missing beginning of Brown Sugar added in from Perth; said to be similar quality.X