Jeff Buckley – Grace Sessions

September 20, 1993 – October 30, 1993
Woodstock, Bearsville Recording Studios, New York, USA
GRACE recording sessions

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01 Lover, You Should’ve Come Over 5:53
02 Eternal Life 4:44
03 Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan) 3:21
04 Dink’s Song (traditional / John Lomax) 10:37
05 If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan) 6:44
06 Night Flight (Led Zeppelin) 5:54
07 Hallelujah (take 1) 6:44
08 Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan) 6:43
09 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (take 1) (Bob Dylan) 3:44
10 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (take 2) (Bob Dylan) 4:37
11 Hallelujah (take 2) (Leonard Cohen) 8:49
12 Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind (riff) (Bob Dylan) 0:19
13 Hallelujah (take 3) (Leonard Cohen) 6:56
14 Outro 1:01

Total running time: 1:16:06

Excellent Soundboard recording
‘Born Again From The Rhythm – The Grace Outtakes ‘ – Godfather Records, GR 172.
Lineage: Silver Bootleg CDs > EAC > Flac >bt-completedir > HC > you

This bootleg does not contain all outtakes – its missing known outtakes – ‘Calling You’,
‘Forget Her’, ‘Kanga-Roo’, and ‘Lost Highway’. May have also contained an additional track of
‘Mama, You Been On My Mind’.

The only other bootleg having this very same material is ‘The Bearsville Grace Outtakes’
but the quailty is not as pristine as on ‘Born Again From The Rhythm’.

Tracklist correlated to archived webpage sources from, date taken
from the book Dream Brother by David Browne.

Recording at the Bearsville Studio started late September 1993 (after the 20th) to around
October 30, so exact dates of these recordings cant be more accurately dated.

During these sessions ‘Calling You’, ‘Forget Her’, ‘Kanga-Roo’, and ‘Lost Highway’ had been also performed which appear in other forms on official releases.

For a second, after ‘Night Flight’ Jeff goes into the riff of ‘Celebration Day’.
Just before finishing off he also goes into Hymn To A’Lamour and plays its tune.

Information from flowers in time database –

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