U2 – Albany, NY (11/13/81)


Download FLAC: Google Drive


01. Gloria
02. Another Time, Another Place
03. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
04. An Cat Dubh
05. Into The Heart
06. Rejoice
07. The Cry / The Electric Co.
08. I Fall Down
09. October
10. Stories For Boys
11. I Will Follow
12. Twilight
13. Out Of Control
14. Fire
15. 11 O’clock Tick Tock
16. The Ocean

17. Touch
18. I Fall Down

Tracks–>1-16 Albany-NY-Usa-1981/11/13
Tracks–>17-18 New York-1981/05/29

4 thoughts on “U2 – Albany, NY (11/13/81)

  1. Funny story which probably gives a little too much insight into the blog. As noted on another post I recently decided to post a bunch of shows from artists beyond the normal big three that get posted every week. I went alphabetically through everything I have and uploaded one show from each artist.

    Wait, let me back up. I go through periods where I am downloading a ton of stuff. I’ll hit up torrents and various other blogs and download, download, download. Then I go back and sort through what I’ve downloaded.

    In this case I downloaded this U2 bootleg. The folder it came in does not mentioned U2 on it (neither does the text file) but does say “Boys To Men”. I assume that was the title of the bootleg as this is an early show from U2.

    This show has sat in a folder for who knows how long until I decided to sort it and then a few weeks back decided to upload it. When sorting I think I saw the Boys To Men and for some reason thought it was Boyz II Men. I couldn’t figure out why I’d download a show from them but sometimes I like to download weird stuff for kicks and chalked it up to that. I converted it to MP3, typed out the song names, uploaded and posted it never once listening to it or noticing that those song titles sounded awfully familiar.

    It wasn’t until these comments that I realized something was up.

    I have now fixed the post. I will reupload the MP3s (since they have been labeled incorrectly).

    Call me the big doofus for the day 😉 Sometimes I get so busy blogging these things I don’t take time to notice anything.

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