Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Los Angeles, CA (03/14/87)

Jerry Garcia Band - Los Angeles (03/14/87)

Jerry Garcia Band
Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

As seamless as it can be 24bit/48k file set NOT intended to burn direct to CD

FOB Master Audience:

Master info:
Seats Orch Row D Seat 114 Aisle 4

MAC: Toa k1’s Handheld about 4′ apart chest high > Sony WM-TCD-6C > Maxell XLII-S 90’s x 2 (Dolby C on)


MAC: Tascam 302 Dolby C on > ArchivalSilver/Gold RCA/1/4″ TS > 1/4″> Tascam DR-680 24bit/48khz
(dual mono)> Transcend SDHC Class10 card

Recorded by: ArchivalAudio ArchivalAudio [at] gmail [dot] com

Transfer info:

SDHC card > iMac 3.06 Ghz i3 12 GR 133MHz DDR3 > AudioFile Engineering Wave Editor 1.57
to -.9 db (each side) Remove DC offset regions [labels] exported .wav >
xACT v2.21to FLAC (level 8 )
Metadata (aka tags), generate ffp and len (shntool) output

Recorded, Transferred, Mastered & Seeded by Ian Stoy aka ArchivalAudio

Tracked by set:

Set 1

t01.s1 Crowd/Tuning
t02.s1 Cats Under The Stars
t03.s1 Mission In The Rain
t04.s1 They Love Each Other
t05.s1 Simple Twist Of Fate
t06.s1 Think
[Tape Flip]
t07.s1 Like A Road
t08.s1 Deal

Set 2

t01.s2 Get Out Of My Life Woman
t02.s2 Run For The Roses
t03.s2 Love In The Afternoon
t04.s2 Gomorrah
t05.s2 Crazy Love
t06.s2 That Lucky Old Sun
[Tape Flip]
t07.s2 Midnight Moonlight

Jerry Garcia Band is:

Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
John Kahn bass
Melvin Seals keyboards
Jaclyn LaBranch backing vocals
Gloria Jones backing vocals
David Kemper drums


Flaws =
Second ever “stealth” show, hand held mics, cable connection:
crackles and a drop out or two, In
the Left channel during Cats.
I did my best to lessen the pops but left the slight dropout.

At the beginning
of set 2 security was trying to seat someone in our Aisle flashlight out and pointed at us, and therefore
the start of Get out of my life… was a bit muffled and a second or two was missing.
Also the tape flip at
the end of set 2 caused a second or two of might nigh moonlight to be missing.

Light phasing can be heard
throughout the show due to hand held spaced cardiod mics.
A light buzz in the PA can be heard , more
prevalent in quiter passages.
Can be rougher at times but overall not that bad…

Brief Story from the original uploader:

As with a number of LA shows my friend James (Jim) Ford waited in line to get the tix when they went on
sale. Hime and Ron Cook help me get my gear in and hold one of the mics. This show was before In The Dar
came out, and was lacking many of the In The Dark heads that attended the December ’87 run we recorded.,
post Broadway run. These 2 shows Friday 3/13 and sat 3/14 were the first shows I ever “stealthed” and
was surprised there was “No Recording” enforced. I did record 10/31/86 JGB and Kingfish, That was open
with stands but I had an impedance mis-match and my recordings came out horrid. Back to 3/14 Light
phasing can be heard throughout the show due to hand held mics. The right channel (if I recall
correct) was held by me mostly, except starting stopping or adjusting levels on my D-6. I held my mic
chest high and mostly still aimed at the right stack. Whereas the left cannel was more casually held and
potential lower. The night before due to my first steal thing, I managed to record the second set over the
first set, and due to cable issues, I believe that only one channel was recorded super botched job.
We had a bank of 4 seats each night we were in Row D I was in Seat 114. First time at the Wiltern and it was
very sweet!


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