Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Frejus, France (09/01/82)

Neil Young - Frejus, France (09/01/82)

Neil Young & Trans-band
Les Arenes,Frejus,France
September 1, 1982

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 On the Way Home
02 Don’t Cry No Tears
03 Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
04 Cortez the Killer
05 If You Got Love
06 Soul of a Woman
07 Are you ready for the Country
08 Southern Man
09 A Little thing Called Love
10 Old Man
11 The Needle and the Damage Done
12 Comes A time
13 Birds
14 Beggar’s Day
15 Like an Inca
16 Hey hey,My My
17 Like a Hurricane
18 Sample and Hold
19 M.r Soul

Total Time = 01:49:09

Taper : A.D.

Source : Analog Master Tapes>1st generation

Transfered by A.V. (February 21, 2010)

Lineage :
Analog Tapes (1st generation)>TECHNICS STEREO DECK 3 HEADS Rs-BX601>RCA (Gold Cable)>M-AUDIO Audiophile Firewire>FIREWIRE>PC>GOLDWAVE (24 bit 96 Khz) – Pitch Adjusted – Cuts edited – Equalization – Volume Level Adjusted – Reample at 16 bit 44 Khz – Tracks split (Aligned for CD Compatible)>FLAC Fronted (Level 6) + Fingerprint & Md5


One thought on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Frejus, France (09/01/82)

  1. Thanks for this!! This is a period of his music I’m especially curious about and there’s precious little of. I’d only heard shows from Berlin and somewhere in Italy, so this is a nice find!

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