Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Cheney, WA (10/27/78)


Jerry Garcia Band
Pavillion East, Washington State College
Cheney, WA
October 27, 1978

Download: FLAC/MP3

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Disc One (6 tracks, 64:50)
–Set I–
d1t01. //How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [8:42] [0:57]
d1t02. Catfish John [11:34] [0:46]
d1t03. That’s What Love Will Make You Do [8:50] [0:11]
d1t04. Russian Lullaby [13:15] [0:05]
d1t05. I Second That Emotion [11:51] ->
d1t06. Mystery Train [8:33] [0:04]

Disc Two (7 tracks, 50:25)
–Set II–
d2t01. Crowd and Tuning [0:29]
d2t02. Love In The Afternoon [8:53] [0:27]
d2t03. Tore Up Over You [8:54] [0:06]
d2t04. Reuben And Cherise [6:30] [0:22]
d2t05. Gomorrah [6:14] [0:06]
d2t06. I’ll Be With Thee [5:35] [0:03]
d2t07. Midnight Moonlight [12:42] [0:02]

Notes from original uploader:
– I received this source from Stephen Maeder, who thought it might have been recorded by Pat Lee or Mark Severson. But it now seems that neither
of them is responsible for this recording. I am looking into it.
– This is a delightful recording that nicely captures the fat, full sound of late ’78 JGB. The show is more on the mellow, groovy side than on the
fiery side, but I think you’ll enjoy it.
– d1t01 How Sweet It Is cuts in
– set II levels are lower, especially prior to Midnight Moonlight.
Someone more talented and so inclined may well wish to fiddle with this,
but I left it as I received it, but for a few fades on tape transitions.

4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – Cheney, WA (10/27/78)

  1. Matt hoping you had a nice Thanksgiving, i feel like i have one every time i visit here. Thanks for the upgrade! I had a single track recording from Sugarmegs prior to this post!

  2. This show is actually from EASTERN Washington State College, now Eastern Washington University. I was a student at the time and got to attend the soundcheck for this show. A friend of mine worked security and says he witnessed lots of various substances in the dressing room.

    Thanks for all the great shows you post, Matt!

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