The Doors – Danbury, CT (10/11/67)

The Doors
Danbury High School
Danbury Connecticut
October 17, 1967

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

3rd generation P.A. recording by faculty member.

01 announcements 1:05
02 Moonlight Drive (includes Horse Latitudes) 6:57
03 Money 3:49
04 Break on Through 6:06
05 Backdoor Man 5:34
06 People are Strange [released on “Boot Your Butt” and not included here]
07 Crystal Ship 3:34
08 Wake Up!> 1:52
09 Light My Fire 10:01
10 The End 20:56

5 thoughts on “The Doors – Danbury, CT (10/11/67)

  1. Thanks for the show. If it is from Danbury High School Auditorium, I believe it was actually played on the 11th of October, 1967.

    • You are correct, it seems. This is one of those shows that I uploaded months ago but somehow missed and didn’t post so how I came up with the wrong date, I don’t remember. May have just been a typo that got compounded. Anyways I fixed it. And thank you.

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