Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – San Francisco, CA (11/09/79)

bob dylan - born already ruined - warfield 1979

Bob Dylan
Fox Warfield
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Gotta Serve Somebody
I Believe In You
When You Gonna Wake Up
When He Returns
Man Gave Names To All The Animals
Slow Train
Precious Angel
Covenant Woman
Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking + Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) (single track)
Solid Rock
Saving Grace
What Can I Do For You?

Disk Two
In The Garden
Blessed Be The Name
Pressing On

bonus tracks of unknown origin: (Source 1 Only)
What Can I do for You?
In the Garden
Blessed Be the Name
Pressing On

Bonus, December 7th, 1979 interview (Source 2 Only)

Source 1: LB-1886
Legendary Tapers Series #27
Offmaster recording of an audience recording>(Feurio) wav> (flac frontend) >flac
Taped by Legendary Taper E.

The sources identified by Watt Alexander in the “Gospel Project” for this date are obviously derived
from this LTE version (apparently the only ciculating version). The recording that I received has some
“bonus tracks” appended to the end of the concert. I have no information as to the source of these particular tracks,
but I have left them in the torrent folder. They can of course be omitted in burning if one wishes to just keep
the 11-9-79 material.

Source 2: LB-8212
Born Already Ruined (Thinman-109/110)
cdrs > (dBpowerAMP set to compression level 6) flac

Another special recording from my harddisc.
Artwork included.(What can I do for you is actually nr 1 from disc 2, and Saved is missing as explained in Review)
Special thanks to the original uploader

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