Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/16/00)

Bob Dylan
Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium,
Santa Cruz, CA

Download FLAC: Expecting Rain

LB-2753, (72min+19min)
CSHEB>D100; 44k dat > analog input otari cdr10 > master cdrs > ultraplex > eac > wav > shn; 4th rowback from left hanging speaker column just far enough back so the lower angled down stack is pointed directly at the mics, noiser than previous night with more talking – all brief & clapping but doesn’t stand out on tape, upfront sound, balanced thru analog out to in to raise levels up for light songs;; excellent sound [A]; similar quality to Schoeps MK5 but this one is warmer; excellent sound [A]

1 I Am The Man, Thomas (acoustic)
2 Song To Woody (acoustic)
3 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (acoustic)
4 One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)
5 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (with harp)
6 Rock Of Ages (acoustic)
7 Big River
8 Highlands
9 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
10 You’re A Big Girl Now
11 Highway 61 Revisited
12 Love Sick

1 Maggie’s Farm
2 Blowin’ In The Wind (acoustic) (with harp)
3 Not Fade Away

Please retain this info file and its LB number as a marker for this lossless set
and if you spread it please list it in the description to avoid others getting duplicates

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Santa Cruz, CA (03/16/00)

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