Jerry Garcia – Pre-Grateful Dead Comp

Jerry Garcia
Early Garcia Compilation

Link removed. A lot of this has been officially released.

Listed on my tape as Boar’s Head Coffee House, San Carlos, CA
Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter, Rodney Albin, Peter Albin, Marshall Leicester, David Nelson.

01. Banjo Instrumental
02. Poor Ellen Smith
03. Wildwood Flower
04. Brown’s Ferry Blues
05. Jesse James
06. Late Last Night When Willie Came Home
07. All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
08. Darling Corey

Deadlists Notes:
Jerry Garcia, acoustic guitar; Marshall Leicester, banjo; Robert Hunter, bass?. This performance took place
at the Boar’s Head Coffeehouse, located in the upstairs loft of the Carlos Bookstall.

Droncit notes: I don’t know what to conclude about the discrepancy in personnel between the two listings.
I hear a mandolin on several songs. Especially evident on Brown’s Ferry Blues. There’s an autoharp on
Wildwood Flower and ATGTAPAG. Bass is not very prominent but can be heard on most songs if you listen
carefully. Poor Ellen has at least 4 instruments: Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar; others sound as if there
are more than three instruments as well.

Wildwood Boys
Top of The Tangent Palo Alto, CA

Jarry Garcia – guitar, banjo, vocals
David Nelson – guitar, mandolin
Robert Hunter – guitar
Norm Van Mastricht – bass, guitar

1. Rollin’ In My Sweet Babys Arms
2. Jerry’s Breakdown
3. Standing In Need Of Prayer
4. Muleskinner Blues
5. Saturday Night Shuffle
6. Pike County Breakdown
7. Little Sparrow (Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens)
8. We Shall Not Be Moved

Droncit Notes: Little Sparrow appears to be inspired by the Country Gentlemen’s (1959) version, which they
called Little Sparrow, and the Wildwood Boys introduce it as such. My tape had about one minute missing of
this song. I used SHNID 4501 as a patch for that part. You will notice it at about 30 seconds into the song,
for about one minute. Patch is bassier.

There was evidence of cross-fade edits at the beginning of Standing in Need of Prayer, Pike County Breakdown,
and Little Sparrow, so there could be material missing, could be spots where the tape was re-ordered, or it
could be where the tape was stopped and restarted and the tape recorder rested. I have left it in the order
I had it (same order as SHNID 4501), although some of the evidence suggests it may be a re-ordering of songs.
Standing in Need of Prayer may be from a different set as the rest, or these may be an amalgamation of
material from that night. SINOP has an odd introduction where it is first described as time for a sacred
number, and, less than a minute later, Garcia says ‘once again we have a sacred number for you.’ Combined
with the cross-fades and other cuts, makes me think this is just a combination of songs from that night in
roughly the order they were played.

Jerry & Sara Garcia
The Tangent
Palo Alto, CA

This is not from my cassette. The source for this is SHNID 17914. I reworked it while I was working on the
other material. I just corrected the speed.

1. Deep Elem Blues
2. Will the Weaver
3. I Truly Understand
4. All the Good Times are Past and Gone
5. Long Black Veil
6. The Man Who Wrote “Home Sweet Home” Never Was a Married Man
7. Keno the Rent Man
8. Foggy Mountain Top

Droncit notes: Deep Elem sounds like Bass, Autoharp and Mandolin or else Guitar, Autoharp and Mandolin.
If that’s right, then personnel is not quite accurate.

Black Mountain Boys
Palo Alto, CA
Top of the Tangent

Jerry Garcia – Banjo
Eric Thompson – Guitar
David Nelson – Mandolin
Jim Beamis (Robert Hunter) – Bass

01 Salt Creek
02 Katie Kline
03 Homestead on the Farm (patched)
04 Bare Foot Nellie
05 She’s More to Be Pitied than Scolded
06 They Can Lock Up Me Up For Loving You
07 Somebody Touched Me
08 Who’ll Sing for Me
09 Darling Aller //Lee
10 Set Break Instrumental (“back in 15 minutes”)

General notes from the original uploader:
Except where noted (i.e., material from other sources), I used a modified Nakamichi BX1 converted for flat
transfer for the player; transferred to my Tascam DR-07mkII at 24 bit/96kHz using a flat preamp. Correct EQ
applied through Diamond Cut Forensics 9 (alpha). Tracks normalized to -.5 dB. Converted to 16 bit/ 44.1kHz
using 32bit interpolation.

I obtained the cassettes in the mid-1990s. There were many speed issues across the tapes (the speed problems
are also evident in the other sources). Most of these speed problems involved linear and curvilinear speed
changes (i.e., the speed was off by different amounts throughout the recording). I corrected these to steady
speed (within tolerance for the time of recording). All speeds were corrected with DC8Forensics.

I didn’t use any noise reduction on any of it, so some is hissy. There were edits in many places, so these
may not be in the order performed, and some songs may be from a different night or different set.

I intended to have 62-11-10 as part of this compilation, but my copy is missing some material that is listed
on etree. If you have it and are willing to share, please email me at I can fix the speed
changes, etc.

Droncit notes: My tape did not have Homestead on the Farm so it is patched in from shnid 17914.
Patch begins at the end of track 2 when they inroduce the song. Noticeable hiss increase. Back to my tape
immediately after the clapping ends for HOTF, so intro to Barefoot Nellie and the rest of the show is from
my tape.

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