Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Durham, NC (03/24/74)

Joni Mitchell - Durham 1974 - Spring Songs

Joni Mitchell
Cameron Stadium, Duke University
Durham, NC

Download: FLAC/MP3

From the original uploader:

Joni Mitchell Mega-rare restored vinyl set “Spring Songs” 1974-03-24 Cameron Stadium, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (mp3 sample) great performance!

Plea and beg time: If you have the master tape of this show, or one not from this record album, please seed it!

For this torrent, I have decided to take quite a different tack: I have tweaked and fiddled with this music for many hours to bring this amazing performance somewhat to life. There’s night and day difference between what you will hear in this torrent and on the original vinyl. The fact that I can finally hear all the instruments and the thing’s back in tune and in proper tempo on a show of this quality is all I need. I absolutely love it.

You may not think that’s good enough. You may think it not worth your time, or that it “still sucks”, or why am I posting this when there’s so much better sounding material out there.

I have news for you… Joni is stunning, mind melting, riding the clouds on this one. She is so good that she makes it look easy.

It may not be for you, nor your sister, nor your girlfriend who you’ve been trying to do “what with??!!” if you can’t look past the imperfections:

Don’t download it!

The setlist of this show is another matter entirely. The album cover, the Hot Wacks discography, and the sides of the album are all in disagreement. The tracks on each side seem to be in sequence, but I am not sure if the sides themselves are in proper order. This is what I came up with, both for track listings and for sequence:

You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
Free Man In Paris
Same Situation
Just Like This Train
Rainy Night House (awesome, awesome!)
Big Yellow Taxi
Peoples Parties
All I Want
A Case Of You
For The Roses
Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire

Please provide corrections!

Some technical notes: Very little noise reduction or pop and click removal was applied to this recording, as it was difficult to seperate the noise from the music. The swishing you hear in some tracks is sound cancellation caused by the stereo master tape being pressed in combined (L + R) mono. EQ was performed and undone over and over again to get the recording as clear as possible. Each side was individually pitch-corrected to CD masters of the official releases.

This recording BEGS for a tape copy that’s in stereo!


A DoinkerTape

6 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Durham, NC (03/24/74)

  1. This indeed is great — thank you!

    I did a little research and think I can fill in most of the gaps in the setlist.

    There was a review of the show from the Duke student paper:
    as well as an editorial:

    The review says the first set was 7 songs, and although it doesn’t name them all, tracks 1-6 seem to fit the last six songs of the set. Tracks 7-12 seem to be songs 2-7 of the second set. The review identifies four more songs in the second set and a two song encore.

    Set One (with Tom Scott and the LA Express)
    [ 01. This Flight Tonight ]
    02. You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio
    03. Free Man In Paris
    04. Same Situation
    05. Just Like This Train
    06. Rainy Night House
    07. Woodstock

    30 minute intermission

    Set Two (solo)
    [ 01. Cactus Tree ]
    02. Big Yellow Taxi
    03. Peoples Parties
    04. All I Want (dulcimer)
    05. A Case of You (dulcimer)
    06. For The Roses
    07. Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire
    [ 08. Blue ]
    [ 09. For Free ]
    Set Two (rejoined by LA Express)
    [ 10. Trouble Child ]
    [ 11. Raised on Robbery ]

    [ 1. The Last Time I Saw Richard ]
    [ 2. Twisted ]

    1. In summary: The recording seems as if it may be in correct order (with a gap after Woodstock). What is missing is the opening song of each set, the end of the second set, and encores.

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