Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Las Vegas, NV (02/03/18)

van morrison - las vegas 2018

Van Morrison
February 03, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace


Download: FLAC/MP3

Source – SP-CMC8 (Cards) Microphones -> SP-SPSB-10 Battery Box -> Olympus LS-10 (16 bit – 44 kHz) -> SD card -> Nero WaveEditor -> CD Wave Editor -> Traders Little Helper -> Flac

01 – Wait A Minute Baby
02 – Moondance
03 – Bye Bye Blackbird
04 – Baby Please Don’t Go/Parchman Farm/Don’t Start Crying Now/Got My Mojo Working
05 – How Far From God
06 – Magic Time
07 – Beautiful Vision w/Shana Morrison
08 – Broken Record
09 – Have I Told You Lately
10 – Sometimes We Cry
11 – Enlightenment
12 – Crazy Love
13 – Precious Time
14 – Wild Night
15 – Little Village
16 – In The Midnight
17 – In The Afternoon
18 – Brown Eyed Girl
19 – Gloria

Big Hand For The Band!
Dave Keary (Guitar)
David Hayes (Bass)
Paul Moran (Keyboards/Trumpet)
Mez Clough (Drums)
Teena Lyle (Percussion, Vocals)
Dana Masters (Vocals)
Guest Shana Morrison (Vocals on “Beautiful Vision”)

7 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Las Vegas, NV (02/03/18)

  1. 2/3/18 was my 65th birthday. I attended Van’s show the night before to celebrate. Thanks for posting this show, nice audience tape. It would be great if the show on 2/2/18 were to appear someday.

  2. Everytime I think I’ve heard the definitive version of a song like “In The Afternoon” he finds a new way. The last 2:30 of the song is nothing like I’ve ever heard live before.

  3. Have been listening to a few of these recent Van shows. He seems to be only interested in the vocal jazz thing at the moment. I see Van as a jazz influenced performer, rather than a mainline jaazzer. The new album is good, but that’s a jazz band. In the gigs he seems to be copping out a bit, doing just enough ‘Van’ or celtic soul to fulfill obligations/expectations. On the last night I heard you could really sense the frustration in the audience at the (poor) lightweight jazzy arrangement of Brown Eyed Girl and then he walked off after a couple of cursory verses of Gloria, like he just didn’t want to do that, and basically left it to the band for the last five minutes.

    Is this an age thing, like Bob’s Sinatra obsession (recent setlists suggest he might finally returning to more of a Dylan setlist). I don’t recall Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf or John Lee Hooker turning into Sammy Davis Jr at the end of their careers

    1. I’ve wondered about that too. Surely age has something to do with it. Its got to be hard at both Bob and Van’s age to tour and keep up the energy.

      I do actually like Dylan obsession with Sinatra but like everyone else I’d sure love to hear some new songs. A friend of mine who isn’t really a Dylan fan was asking me about his recent shows. I was happy to note he’s do more Dylan than Sinatra this tour.

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