Van Morrison – Live on Air

Van Morrison
Live On Air

Download FLAC: Google Drive

This may ben an official release. It is selling on Amazon from a company called IMV Blueline. They seem to sell other disks like this from other artist, but I couldn’t find anything about the company online. My guess is they are selling these things without the permission of the artist. But if anyone knows different let me know. Dates on this may not be correct, I found them on a fan site. – Mat

01. Warm Love – Musikladden, Bremen, West Germany July 10, 1974
02. Take Your Hands Out Of My Pocket – from Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
03. Here Comes The Knight
04.  I Just Want To Make Love To You – from Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
05.  Brown Eyed Girl Austin City Limits, November 18, 2006
06.  Moonshine Whiskey – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
07.  Moondance – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
08.  Help Me – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
09.  Domino – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
10. Caravan – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
11.  Cyprus Avenue – Rainbow Theatre, London 1973
12.  Wild Night Pacific High Studios 1971

5 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Live on Air

  1. I looked up this title on discogs. Unofficial release. I purchased cds from the label dressed to kill. This label would release interesting box sets from various artists. One box that comes to mind was the 4cd bob marley trenchtown box. The Trench town box consisted of outtakes demos and alt versions which differed from other unofficial label Marley packages. The Dress to kill releases didn`t contain any booklets or info about the tracks. These boot labels always seem to be around. The springboard label used to release Rod Stewart and Jimi Hendrix albums ect back in the day. Rod Stewart and the faces was a good album from springboard which featured unreleased tracks just before the formation of the faces. Keith Richards played on this album as well.

  2. Yeah, High St (shopping mall) release, but definitely not official or endorsed. One of those ‘grey’ releases we discussed a while back. My local HMV seems to have more of these things than official endorsed CDs these days. The No of Bob early radio sessions, Bruce gigs (78 mostly) Tom Waits anf Leonard Cohen live FMs etc is staggering, Neil also

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