Grateful Dead – East Troy, WI (07/19/89)

Grateful Dead
July 19, 1989
Alpine Valley Music Theatre,
East Troy, WI
Sets I & II

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

From the Mattes Library

Ted Mattes Master DAT Recording:
Schoeps CMC4 MK4 > DAT. Recorded off the delay stacks from the lawn

Charlie Miller Transfer:
DAT > Sony PCM r500 > Tascam DA-3000 > Flac 16/48

Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel
Flac 16/48 > Audacity > 16/48
June 14, 2018

– Thanks to Ted for sharing his recordings & braving the elements.
– Thanks to Charlie for being events coordinator.
– Occasional wind burst & rain drops are captured by the mics (wouldn’t have it any other way).
– West LA, Desolation Row & Deal appear on the video “Downhill from Here”
– Box of Rain appears on “Fallout From The Phil Zone”
– Officially released as The Fifth Annual Grateful Dead Meet Up at the Movies (May 04, 2015 – one night only)
– While there are many Morning Dew’s, there is only one Alpine Dew.
– Final show at Alpine Valley (20)

– Set I –
s1t01 – crowd – tuning
s1t02 – Hell in a Bucket ->
s1t03 – Sugaree
s1t04 – Mama Tried ->
s1t05 – Mexicali Blues
s1t06 – Althea
s1t07 – tuning
s1t08 – Victim or the Crime ->
s1t09 – West L.A. Fadeaway – Officially Released on Downhill From Here
s1t10 – Desolation Row – – Officially Released on Downhill From Here
s1t11 – Deal – – Officially Released on Downhill From Here

– Set II –
s2t01 – crowd – tuning
s2t02 – Box of Rain -> Officially Released on Fallout From the Philzone
s2t03 – Foolish Heart -> Officially Released on Beyond Description
s2t04 – Looks Like Rain ->
s2t05 – Terrapin Station
s2t06 – Drums ->
s2t07 – Space ->
s2t08 – The Other One ->
s2t09 – The Wheel ->
s2t10 – Morning Dew
s2t11 – encore break
s2t12 – Turn On Your Love Light

For; Babz, Janet, Pete, The Wile E. Coyote Cafe & the dozen or so others that shared that huge tent turned wash tub. Twas the strangest LSD trip ever. Love you guys.

11 thoughts on “Grateful Dead – East Troy, WI (07/19/89)

  1. While I unfortunately was NOT at this concert, i did have the pleasure of attending this “Meet up @ The Movies” joint film-cast in Riverpark (Oxnard), Calif. and it was a treat. Is there anybody out there who has any or all of these “Meet-Up’s” on video?
    Why don’t GD Enterprises release them, after each theatrical release???
    I’ve been waiting for them to surface to my level & don’t see any yet.
    Any info is appreciated.
    Anyways, THANX for these here! Cheers ~

    • It does seem a bit ridiculous that they don’t release those shows on Blu-ray alongside the Meet Ups. I’m afraid I don’t have any information on an official release for those shows or where you might find unofficial copies of them.

  2. I can’t add anything to the previous comments…..
    I just wanted to say that 1989 was a wonderful summer.(even the rain
    was enjoyable to some degree) Dead for 3 days, one day to catch
    your breath…then 3 more days of The Who(that was one expensive
    and the longest binge of my life….) then talked into 3 more with the
    Rolling Stones in September…I only paid for the last 1. Lots of friends,
    many laughs…and even a sympathetic officer, who opened my 1970
    Coronet, when I locked my keys in the car, ……with it running. Anyone who has been to the “valley” knows waiting the 2 to 3 hours
    to leave..can be just as fun as the “primary festivities” It’s only the few
    miles thru the “gauntlet”(the HWY Patrol speed trap) that could
    damper your ride home…… To this day, if I think hard enough,..
    I can conjure that “welling up feeling” in my gut, when The Who
    hit the first notes of Tommy….or finally seeing the Stones again in WI
    since County Stadium 1975. It’s been said a million times(and once more) that the Grateful Dead, seem to reach a place in concert, most bands never get to experience at all. Its a special feeling knowing you
    have shared that life-affecting “space” with them. I can solemnly attest to, that 2 of those days reached that level….I can’t remember which day it was….but I never laughed so hard watching people take
    turns tobogganing down the hill on their 55 gallon black garbage bags…looking like chocolate covered raisins.
    Thanks for letting me,share this space with my “emotive inclinations”

  3. I was at this show, and I have a video tape copy. If any interest, may I’ll transfer to an updated format. Anyway back to the rain, I mean show. Very wet that night, and hot and muggy the next day in the parking lot, stranded with a hole in distributor diaphram of 1975 Cutless. Bummer! But…the Who and myself were back there 2 days later for the Friday night show. What a summer!

  4. Thank you so much for all the shows and for all your comments and those of everyone else. So much that I can’t keep track, so I just got done making a text file for August. sure enough, I missed a bunch – the text is >135K so far and more to go! where do you find the energy?? I do appreciate it lots.

    here’s a question that’s been puzzelin me (can’t spell). wtf does sbeok mean anyhow, have wondered for years…

    thanks, Rodney.

    • You are welcome, of course. It is hard keeping up. There are so many great places to get live music I get lost in it all. Sure is fun though 😉

      I don’t really understand what sbeok is. It has something to do with ensuring the music files are correct or can be burned to a CD or something. Its tech stuff that is way above my pay grade 😉

  5. Ever burned a cd and it had an annoying click? That means your sbe
    is NOT ok……LOL.

    When burning an audio disc where the audio is continuous over
    a track change, the wav data length should be an exact multiple of audio CD sector length. CD specs define a sector length as 1/75 sec.
    If the audio data does not fill up the last sector, the burner will insert
    silence to fill out the sector. This may be enough to cause an annoying click in some CD players, thats whats called a sector boundary error (SBE)……..technically speaking.

  6. When using file converting software(some anyway), you can check your WAV files….before burning to a CD. Most audiophiles put a text
    file inside your download, letting you know they are OK. shntool is
    a popular one.

    Just emphasizing what Mat said…if anyone cares or wanted a little
    more detail.

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