Guy Clark – San Francisco, CA (10/30/94)

Guy Clark
(with Ramblin’ Jack Elliott)
October 30, 1994
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

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— From the ëTeddy Ballgameí archive —

Source: SBD > Sony TCD-D7
Transfer: DAT Master 16/48 > PCM-R500 > digi coax > Edirol R-44 > USB
Lineage: Reaper 5.1 (Ozone 5 VST: compressor) > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

This is a 16 bit, 48 khz fileset.

Baton Rouge
Boats To Build
Homegrown Tomatoes
Rita Ballou
Lone Star Hotel
Dublin Blues
Black Diamond Strings
The Cape
Baby Took A Limo To Memphis
Tryin’To Try
Ramblin’Jack And Mahan
Hangin’ Your Life On The Wall (w/ Ramblin’Jack Elliott)/RJE talking
Diamond Joe (RJE)
Buffalo Skinners (RJE)
San Francisco Bay Blues (RJE)
Texas 1947
Like A Coat From The Cold
Stuff That Works
Desperados Waiting For A Train
She Ain’t Going Nowhere
Don’t You Take It Too Bad
Watermelon Dream

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