Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Port Chester, NY (02/18/71)

grateful dead - port chester - 1971

Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater
Port Chester, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

I posted the New Riders opening set here.

This is a tagged version of shnid: 85478

7″ two track BBD reel w/ Dolby A @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM501ES (beta) > PCM501ES
analog out > Dolby A decoder > Apogee filter > analog in PCMF1/PCM501ES
analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz > WBOTB Master DAT (DAT-1).
Original WBOTB DATs procured & circulated in 1996 by Jace Crouch and
Tim Deibert.
Thanks to trailmix for providing the lineaged master DAT for transfer.

Transfer and mastering:
Jace’s DAT (48 KHz) playback on Sony PCM-R500, AES digital output >
Benchmark DAC1, XLR analog output > Grace Lunatec V3, sample rate at
96 KHz, AES digiout) > AES digital input, professional mode/sync – LynxTwo
soundcard in E6400 dual core processor-based PC > HD as 24 bit/96 KHz WAV
> Ozone 3.0 > MBIT+ dithering to 16/44.1 KHz WAV > CDWAV 1.9 (tracking)
> FLAC (level 8). Recording, editing and mastering with Wavelab 5.0.
All cables were Mogami Gold 0.3m pro-audio XLR cables. All components
in the transfer/mastering chain were powered from a Cyberpower 1285AVR
noise-attenuated uninterruptible AC power supply.
Transfer and mastering by Chris L.
Seeded by the Green Mountain Bros. at bt.etree.org, May 2007.

—Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Bertha*
102-d1t02 – Truckin’
103-d1t03 – It Hurts Me Too
104-d1t04 – Loser*
105-d1t05 – Greatest Story Ever Told* ->
106-d1t06 – Johnny B. Goode
107-d1t07 – Mama Tried
108-d1t08 – Hard To Handle
109-d1t09 – Dark Star ->
110-d1t10 – Wharf Rat* ->
111-d1t11 – “Beautiful Jam” -> Officially Released on the So Many Roads Boxed Set
112-d1t12 – Dark Star ->
113-d1t13 – Me & My Uncle

–Set 2–
201-d2t01 – Chandelier incident
202-d2t02 – Casey Jones
203-d2t03 – Playing tn the Band*
204-d2t04 – Me & Bobby McGee
205-d2t05 – Candyman
206-d2t06 – Big Boss Man
207-d2t07 – Sugar Magnolia
208-d2t08 – Saint Stephen ->
209-d2t09 – Not Fade Away ->
210-d2t10 – Going Down the Road Feeling Bad ->
211-d2t11 – Not Fade Away ->
212-d2t12 – Uncle John’s Band

*First public performance.
– d2t08: Reel flip at 04:48 of “Saint Stephen” crossfaded.
– Approximately 1:39 were removed from the lengthy dead space/tuning
preceding “Loser” allowing the entire first set to fit on a single
80 minute disc, while keeping in Bob’s “Second oldest ritual” comment
..that’s a fact….
– Intermittent faint audible artifacts/pops were attenuated using manual
pencil redraw under high magnification. These were retrospectively
found on all other circulating recordings from this performance.
They were most abundant at the beginning of “Dark Star” and also at the
start of “Wharf Rat”. There are a few spots still remaining in
“Wharf Rat” that are just too embedded to get out – sounds like minor
transient peak distortion.
– The notorious broad-peaked high pitched whine centered 8000-8100 KHz
range was removed using a digital paragraphic equalizer (Waves Q6)
with 2 narrow/notch bands (Q set maximal @ 100, -12 dB) set at just
under and over 8000K for the first reel and just under and over
8100KHz for the last 3 reels. Previously circulating sources either
used a wider band filter or a noise reduction approach performed on
low bit/sample rate files which yields suboptimal results. All
processing on this transcription was performed at 24/96 resulting in a
much smoother transparent sound.

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