Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – The Road’s Washed Out, 2002 Summer Tour

bob dylan - the road's washed out summer tour 2002

Bob Dylan
The Road’s Washed Out
2002 US & Canada Summer Tour Compilation

Download: FLAC/MP3

NOTE: This compilation has a running time of 84m49s thus it is incompatible with the CD-Audio standard
of 79m59s.

Bob Dylan
Larry Campbell
Tony Garnier
George Recile
Charlie Sexton

01. To Be Alone With You
02. Man In The Long Black Coat
03. Mississippi
04. Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
05. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
06. Every Grain Of Sand
07. Summer Days
08. SeÒor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
09. Cold Irons Bound
10. Standing In The Doorway
11. Lonesome Day Blues
12. Things Have Changed
13. Never Gonna Be The Same Again
14. High Water ( For Charley Patton)

Track 01
2002-08-31, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, Track from LB-11309

Tracks 02 & 06
2002-08-09, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Tracks from LB-5247

Track 03
2002-08-22, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, Track from LB-622

Track 04
2002-08-18, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Track from LB-8312

Tracks 05 & 07
2002-08-12, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Tracks from LB-601

Tracks 08 & 11
2002-08-21, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, Tracks from LB-623

Tracks 09 & 14
2002-08-04, Augusta, Maine, USA, Tracks from LB-786

Tracks 10 & 13
2002-08-02, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, Tracks from LB-694-xref-00121

Track 12
2002-08-28, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Track from LB-691

From the original uploader:

The 2002 Summer Tour was a tour with which I was very unfamiliar. After the
hit-and-miss Europe Spring Tour that was ravaged with upsinging, I thought this
tour was a great improvement. Spread over 23 dates between August 2 and September
1 (and less than a month after the recording of both the Masked and Anonymous tracks
and Cross The Green Mountain), this tour is really the end of the line for this
kind of show. Only a month later would see the beginning of the piano years along
with a great number of covers in each set. If any specific song or recording jumps
out at you, I urge you to seek out the entire show. Most of them were great from
beginning to end!

Whereas last tour seemed to focus on the rarer selections (Subterranean, Solid Rock,
Man of Constant Sorrow, etc), this tour more or less put an end to that. One notable
exception is the return of Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) after 33 years since
its last performance (Isle of Wight). It was played 5 times during this tour, and
then after 1 more time in 2003, was put back on the shelf where it’s remained.
Never Gonna Be The Same Again was played 4 times too, and got a new stop-start type
arrangement that I think works for the song (and the audience hearing this debut of
the arrangement seems to really enjoy it too).

One trend that did continue from the previous tour was the debut of typically
electric songs in an acoustic rendition. Man In The Long Black Coat worked very
well in this acoustic treatment, as did Things Have Changed. Just Like Tom Thumb’s
Blues was interesting to hear acoustic, as I’m most familiar with the NET renditions
where its a rocker, and I think it works. Continuing its run from last tour, SeÒor
(Tales Of Yankee Power) continued to be played in an acoustic arrangement, this
time with an addition of Larry Campbell’s great fiddle; I think it merits inclusion
on both this and my previous compilation.

The slower songs this tour were performed with great nuance and balance. Mississippi,
while very similar to the released version, is great live. Every Grain Of Sand and
Standing In The Doorway both start off with tremendous, extended harp solos and the
performances that follow are tender and rich.

Ultimately, this tour does a great job of showing off the band as being able to
catch fire at will. This rendition of Summer Days is explosive and one of my
favorites, as is Lonesome Day Blues, which is starting to lean more towards a
country-ish rendition that is best known in Rochester 2004. To Be Alone With You is
a fun rocker, and Cold Irons Bound is killer in the arrangements from this era
(immortalized on BS8). This tour also sees the debut of the incendiary, banjo-less
arrangement of High Water also included on BS8, and this performance from Augusta
blows the roof off the joint.

Overall, I think this tour is an improvement over the previous tour, and a great
sendoff for this type of set, which would drastically change in the subsequent tour.
Thanks for listening!

Compiled by Nightingale’s Code

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