Frank Sinatra – Chicago, IL (05/11/84)

Frank Sinatra
Arie Crown Theater

Download FLAC: Google Drive

01) Fly me to the moon 2:40
02) Hereís to the band 4:13
03) Frank talks 1:00
04) Please be kind 2:54
05) The best of everything 3:01
06) My way 2:47
07) Frank talks :49
08) New York, New York 4:18
09) Frank talks 1:04
10) This is all I ask 3:28
11) Come rain or come shine 3:36
12) Frank talks 6:21
13) It’s all right with me 3:01
14) When your lover has gone 3:15
15) LA. Is my lady 3:09
16) Frank intros the bass player, drummer, and conductor 2:27
17) Acoustic guitar solo 3:47
18) Guess Iíll hang my tears out to dry 3:59
19) Pennies from heaven 4:02
20) How do you keep the music playing? 4:15
21) My kind of town 3:59

TT 1:08.53

Uncirculated SBD Master
Record: SBD>Unknown Sony cassette deck>Maxell XL11 cassette tape
Playback: CM>Nak ZX-7 Azymuth Adj>R-09HR>16 441>SD>hd>CDwav for splits>TLH>flac8

Orchestra conducted by Joe Parnello
Bass Gene Cherico
Drummer Irv Cottle
Guitar Tony Motolla
The rest of the orchestra were local musicians

From the original uploader:
Let me start by saying this is a SBD Master. I love Frank and was very excited
to have tracked this down. About 10 years ago I met a guy I was going to by some
electronics from. After talking for a while, he told me he worked sound at many
of the theaters in Chicago. He told me he (and some other folk) recorded a bunch
of shows including, crooners, broadway and comedy etc. Needless to say I am now
have them in my posession and will begin start transferring many of these masters
to digital. Some are on cassette, others from the 90’s are on Mini-Disc masters.
Bumping into this guy was a very random and serendipitous event.

It took a lot of research to find the correct date for this show. In May of 1984,
Frank played 5 shows at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. (It’s located inside
the McCormick Place Convention Center along the lake front). Based on the setlist
and a few comments by Frank, this is the May 11th show.

Now it’s time to listen to the Chairman of The Board. So turn it up and
“Make it one more for my baby, and one more for the road”.

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