Bob Dylan – If You Don’t Like Me You Can Leave Me Alone, 1989

Bob Dylan
If You Don’t Like Me You Can Leave Me Alone
1989 Compilation

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01. Most Likely You Go Your Way (1989-06-11)
02. Absolutely Sweet Marie (1989-10-20)
03. Man In The Long Black Coat ( 1989-10-29 Ithaca)
04. You’re A Big Girl (1989-06-16 Atlanta)
05. I Don’t Believe You (1989-07-21)
06. All Along The Watchtower (1989-07-12)
07. Shot Of Love (1989-06-17)
08. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (1989-09-05)
09. Lakes Of Pontchartrain (1989-06-16)
10. Mr. Tambourine Man (1989-06-17)
11. Gotta Serve Somebody (89-07-06)
12. Disease Of Conceit (1989-11-02)
13. Man Of Peace (1989-10-12)
14. Ballad Of A Thin Man (89-10-31)
15. Masters Of War (1989-06-19)
16. Heat Of Mine (1989-08-09)
17. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (1989-05-30)
18. When Did You Leave Heaven (89-06-11)
19. Like A Rolling Stone (1989-08-25)
20. I Shall Be Released (1989-10-04)

All tracks remastered using professional
studio equipment. This compilation is a
tribute to the original tapers and in no
way intended to be a substitute to their
original recordings.
Every care has been taken to preserve the
and then enhance the original recordings.

3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – If You Don’t Like Me You Can Leave Me Alone, 1989

  1. Thanks Nat, looks well worth a spin. When I see these shows and comps it reminds me of all the minor classics I always looked forward to in the set, and miss so much. I know Bob wants ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ to be his epitaph, but really, enough is enough.

  2. Thanks Mat again. The note “remastered” is a practical joke. LoL It’s easy to fix with unprofessional equipment. Enjoyable after 24-50 edits.

  3. Just been listening, sound is good shows evidence of work, think they may have just passed the songs through a generic filter of the kind rec cos use for sub-optimal trax (think the copyright protection releases etc) rather than remastering each on an individual basis. Some selections are difficult to justify, some omissions too, sequencing needs some work, editing seems to have been bypassed completely!
    Might even tidy this up myself with soundforge one day
    Why does every 89 compilation have to end up as ‘messy’ as the tour itself was. A few sympathetic fades (in and out), would have transformed this into something really worthwhile

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