Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Santa Cruz, CA (07/13/82)

new young - santa cruz - 1982

Neil Young w/ The Trans Band
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, California

Download: FLAC/MP3

location info: left front balcony 1st table
source info: 2 Nak 300 mics > Nak 550 cassette recorder
Maxell XL-IIs master (Dolby B) first deck in daisy chain of decks
Playback > Nak Dragon (Dolby Decoded) No EQ > Digidesign A/D > Apple G3 laptop
Bias Peak (editing) > Jam Burning > Yamaha cd writer > cdr > Toast 9 > xACT 1.62 > Flac 8 > you

Disc 1
1. On The Way Home
2. Don’t Cry No Tears
3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
4. Cowgirl In The Sand
5. If You Got Love
6. Helpless
7. Are You Ready For The Country?
8. Southern Man

Disc 2
9. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
10. A Little Thing Called Love
11. Band Intros
12. Old Man
13. Like An Inca
14. Hey Hey, My My
15. Cinnamon Girl
16. Like A Hurricane
17. On The Way Home

Trans Band
Neil Young – vocals, guitar, keyboards, vocoder
Ben Keith – pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, keyboards, vocals
Nils Lofgren – guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals, vocoder
Joe Lala – piano
Bruce Palmer – bass
Larry Cragg – banjo
Ralph Molina – drums, vocals
Joel Bernstein – vocoder, synclavier

4 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Santa Cruz, CA (07/13/82)

  1. Lovely tour, elusive file sets. Can never remember which ones I have, and which are missing. Think they all originate from the same taper(s), the clues in the ver present location table ref!

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