Bob Dylan – The Blind Horse That Leads You Around, 1992

Bob Dylan
Pink Panther Records
1992 United States Spring West Coast Tour

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As far as I can tell this comp was never uploaded in FLAC. – Mat

all sourced from 100% lossless FLAC from best available sound sources.
mp3@320kbps converted from FLAC using NCH Switch Pro.

This is a beautiful, controlled tour leg with much to offer.
The band is very tight, having just completed an extraordinary tour of Australia and New Zealand.
Although Bob continues to experiment with new or traditional songs, the emphasis here is on his own back catalogue.
Bob plays an enormous amount of harmonica, and he seems genuinely interested in good performances.
Portable DAT recorders are starting to appear, with quantum improvements in sound quality,
but digitial is still an occasional windfall – so we keep jumping from black & white to colour & back again.
It is very difficult to dislike anything here – there are no lows
but there are also few highs where you stop everything you are doing and just listen.
BUT the few highs (& I am not going to name them for you) are more than extraordinary.
& then there is Mr Tambourine Man – you cannot even catagorise that happens here.
Great sound (for the most part), focused Bob, well-rehearsed band – lap it up!.

All 55 songs played on the tour leg are here. There is debate about whether Disease of Conceit was played
on 19 May in Los Angeles. The “track” on the single circulating tape of this concert has a Grateful Dead track
which is not Disease Of Conceit so I am assuming (like Jokerman) that it was not played.

The downside is Bob’s vocals – which are all over the place from extreme nasal to truly beautiful.
The Hawaiian concerts are horrible nasal (except for a few songs which make you weep with joy – you work it out, I can’t).
& what happens when you take the tune from an old folk ballad (Golden Vanity),
mess with the words & electrify it to scare even Hendrix – Under The Red Sky, of course!

Statistics for this compilation (yes, lies, damn lies & statistics masquerading as facts)

55 ball-tearing, sensational tracks
55 different songs
16 concerts are represented here (from the total of 21 concerts)
5 hours & 7 minutes of music
1 bob

The setlists alternated radically from night to night.
Only five songs were played at all 21 concerts, and only 14 songs were played more than ten times.
13 songs were played only once, with 34 songs being played five times or less.

Royal Lahanina Tennis Stadium
Maui, Hawaii
22 April 1992

01.Lay, Lady, Lay
02.She Belongs To Me
03.Visions Of Johanna


Waikiki Shell
Waikiki, Hawaii
24 April 1992

04.Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
05.Golden Vanity (trad.)

Paradise, Hawaiian Style (QR Records / QR 11-12)

Paramount Theater
Seattle, Washington
27 April 1992

06.A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Taper: Legendary Taper D (LTD);
Equipment: Sennheiser MKE2002 > portable DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > cdwave for tracking > tlh

Paramount Theater
Seattle, Washington
28 April 1992

07.Sally Sue Brown (J. Alexander – E. Montgomery – T. Stafford)
08.Simple Twist Of Fate
09.Watching The River Flow
10.Female Rambling Sailor (trad.)
11.Shooting Star
12.Ballad Of A Thin Man


The Hult Center For The Performing Arts
Eugene, Oregon
30 April 1992

13.Black Muddy River (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
14.Everything Is Broken


J. T. Grace Pavilion
Sonoma County Fair Grandstand
Santa Rosa, California
2 May 1992

15.Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35
16.Positively 4th Street
17.Union Sundown
18.Just Like A Woman
19.Tangled Up In Blue
20.To Be Alone With You
21.Mr Tambourine Man
22.Maggie’s Farm
23.Absolutely Sweet Marie
24.All Along The Watchtower
25.Blowin’ In The Wind


The Warfield Theater
San Francisco, California
4 May 1992

26.Every Grain Of Sand
27.I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
28.Love Minus Zero / No Limit
29.The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
30.Desolation Row
31.Cat’s In The Well
32.Idiot Wind
33.The Times They Are A-Changin’
34.Highway 61 Revisited

The Warfield (Flashback / 09.92.0192)

Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, California
8 May 1992

35.If Not For You
36.Drifter’s Escape
37.I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
38.Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Taper: Da Weez;
Master: D5scott;
Location: 12th row, 6 seats left of center;
Equipment: 2 Neumann KM4’s >
Sony TC-D5M – analog master cassettes – Maxell MX90’s;
Transfer: Sony TC-D5M (original record deck) >
Pre Sonus Inspire GT > Sound Forge > .wav files >

San JosÈ Event State Center
San JosÈ, California
9 May 1992

39.Most Of The Time
40.Shelter From The Storm
41.Little Moses (Bert A. Williams/Earle C. Jones)
42.Boots Of Spanish Leather
43.It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

San Jose Revisited (Kiss The Stone / KTS 093)

The Arlington Theater
Santa Barbara, California
11 May 1992

44.Queen Jane Approximately

Legendary Taper D (LTD);
Equipment: Sennheiser MKE2002 > portable DATrecorder – clone >
(digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 >
Wavelab > cdwave for tracking > tlh

The Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California
13 May 1992

45.John Brown


The Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California
14 May 1992

46.Delia (traditional, arranged by Bob Dylan)
47.Under The Red Sky
48.Like A Rolling Stone


The Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California
16 May 1992

49.Friend Of The Devil (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter/John Dawson)
50.Gates Of Eden


The Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California
19 May 1992

51.That Lucky Old Sun (Haven Gillespie-Beasley Smith)


The Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, California
21 May 1992

52.Seeing The Real You At Last
53.What Good Am I?
54.Lenny Bruce


Bally’s Goldwin Events Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
23 May 1992

55.Joey (Bob Dylan & Jacques Levy)

Taper: MJS;
Equipment: Sonic Studios DSM6 >
Sony TCD-D3 DAT > M-Audio Audiphile 2496

7 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – The Blind Horse That Leads You Around, 1992

    • Hi. Do you have any 1993 tour compilations you could direct me to ? Thanks…it would be appreciated.

  1. I was at the Waikiki Shell show. I was so drunk I don’t remember much of it. I thought Bob was flat, he was going through a divorce at this time. I didn’t realize I was in the presence of the Late , great Bucky Baxter.

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