Joni Mitchell – Wantagh, NY (07/24/83)

Joni Mitchell
July 24, 1983
Jones Beach
Wantagh, NY

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01 Coyote
02 Free Man In Paris
03 Cotton Avenue
04 Edith And The Kingpin
05 You Turn Me On, Iím A Radio
06 You Dream Flat Tires
07 Song For Sharon
08 God Must Be A Boogie Man
09 For Free
10 Big Yellow Taxi
11 A Case Of You
12 Wild Things Run Fast
13 Sweet Bird
14 Banquet
15 Raised On Robbery
16 Refuge Of The Roads
17 Youíre So Square Baby I Donít Care
18 Solid Love
19 Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody
20 Help Me
21 Love/Band Intros
22 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
23 Underneath The Streetlight
24 Woodstock

Joni Mitchell guitar, dulcimer, piano
Vinny Colaiuta drums
Russell Ferrante keyboards
Larry Klein bass
Michael Landau – guitar

Source 1:

The Lostbrook Tape Series – Volume 59

Recording Equipment: Internal Mic – Sanyo M2533 tape deck Maxell UDXL II 90 and TDK SA 60
– Alesis TapeLinkUSB – Audacity – WAV
Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

Source 2:

Main source: Audience Cassette Recording (Recorder 1)
Lineage: MCas > R > flac > editing + patching > flac(lvl8)
*Patch sOurce: Lostbrook Tape Series, Volume 59 (Recorder 2)

Runitme (after patching): 110:16

One thought on “Joni Mitchell – Wantagh, NY (07/24/83)

  1. Sooo nice with a Joni show I did not already have – and the source 2 is absolutely recommendable – at least the parts of it I have had time to enjoy. Crisp, and with a good tonal balance. So thanks a lot.

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