4 thoughts on “Van Morrison Shows: 1970

    • No, I didn’t delete anything. Amazon Drive seems to be glitching at the moment. At least I hope it is just for a moment. Try back later tonight or tomorrow and hopefully it will be fixed.

      My files should remain available for download until April. But who knows if Amazon will actually abide by their own rules?

      • Hi Mat, looks like the problem is universal, from my looking around to find out if it was just my operating system or suchlike. Amazon did an update, and this is the result. Hopefully they are working on it.

        • I was afraid of that. I have a feeling that since they are eliminating the entire thing at the end of next year their support is going to slowly die before we get there. That’s one of the reasons I decided not to renew when my payment runs out in April. I have half a mind to cancel it sooner than that.

          Thanks for letting me know.

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