The Cure – Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (06/25/81)

the cure - the netherlands - 1981-06-25_ hertogenbosh

The Cure
Zuiderpark aan de Hekellaan
Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Download FLAC: File Factory


Quality: Good
Source: Unknown audience recording


01 the holy hour (last 24 sec)
02 in your house
03 the drowning man
04 10.15 saturday night
05 accuracy
06 the funeral party
07 m
08 primary
09 other voices
10 all cats are grey
11 three imaginary boys
12 at night
13 fire in cairo
14 play for today
15 grinding halt
16 a forest
17 faith

18 audience


19 jumping someone else’s train
20 another journey by train
21 killing an arab

Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst

Personal note:

A great 1981 Cure show. The atmosphere is much more darker than the year before.
Even the older songs sound more depressing. ‘Drowning Man’ and ‘Faith’ are intense.
‘The Holy Hour’ only has the last 24 seconds, the rest of the show is complete.

This was the tour in the Circus tent. They had no support-act, but played the track
‘Carnage Visors’ with an animation film made by Ric Gallup, Simon’s brother.
The soundtrack was only released as the B-side of the cassette release of ‘Faith’.
In 2005 it was included on the bonus-cd with the Deluxe Edition of ‘Faith’.


I have included 8 tracks from this show broadcasted on the Dutch radio station KRO.
Almost perfect quality!


01. primary
02. three imaginary boys
03. at night
04. fire in cairo
05. play for today
06. grinding halt
07. a forest
08. faith

Both versions downloaded from dime years ago. Original nfo’s included.


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