Bob Dylan – Houston, TX (05/08/76)

Bob Dylan
Hofheinz Pavilion
Houston, Texas
8 May 1976

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disc 1

1. Mr. Tambourine Man
2. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
3. Vincent van Gogh (Robert Friemark)
4. Maggie’s Farm
5. Mozambique (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
6. Isis (Bob DylanñJacques Levy/Bob Dylan)
7. Blowin’ In The Wind
8. Railroad Boy (trad.)
9. I Pity The Poor Immigrant

disc 2

1. Shelter From The Storm
2. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
3. You’re A Big Girl Now
4. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
5. Lay Lady Lay
6. Silver Mantis (J. Henry Burnett/Fleming)
7. Idiot Wind
8. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
9. Gotta Travel On (Paul Clayton-Larry Ehrlich-David Lazar-Tom Six)

Musicians: Bob Dylan (guitar, harmonica & vocal), Scarlet Rivera (violin), T-bone J. Henry Burnette (guitar & piano), Steven Soles
(guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), Bobby Neuwirth (guitar & vocal), Roger McGuinn (guitar & vocal), David Mansfield (steel guitar,
mandolin, violin & dobro), Rob Stoner (bass), Howie Wyeth (drums), Gary Burke (congas).

Iím a little strange tonight, I saw a flying saucer before, and it picked me up and Iím still shaky. You heard about Vincent van
Gogh? .Hereís a song about him.

The shows immediately preceding and succeeding this show had to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales and Willie
Nelson was therefore added to this show. He performed 45 minutes immediately after Dylanís first set.
The extra encore with Willie Nelson is not in circulation.

Low Gen > CDR > EAC > Flac (LB-4332; files from Les Kokay RTR 76 set) > speed adjustment d1t07-d206 > flac

note on recording: speed fluctuations throughout; below average sound; disintegrates at d1t09

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